Month: August 2017

  • Your website is constantly K is your problem or search engine problems


    you love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon Er have repeatedly stressed that the original, emphasize the user experience, I want to talk about us closely is to do rankings? We closely put the chain on his hand to send out the pseudo original, the chain is included pseudo original included we just wait for website ranking? This society is too impetuous, everyone seems to have no time to stop and think too much. Even if the "content is king" the content you ready?

    layout and site collocation? Typos? Call column reasonable? These are the user experience, are you sure you do a read more

  • Under the soft Scindapsus algorithm to decide on what path to follow

    from this update, can see, can enter the love Shanghai source of news media, in the marketing of the weight is very high, high weight can be more popular with the spider, also can get more user groups. If the article can be published in major news media, search engine to give the weight is very high. Users see the reputation in the subconscious than ordinary high, according to the different properties, select the appropriate media channels are different, many enterprises just choose a platform release, IT industry released to the financial industry channels, seemingly is all news platform, the weight is the same, but for potential users, and not a good experience, stop the flow of the conversion rate will be very low, not targeted access to potential client sites. read more

  • Do not stack keywords and website optimization is down right

    ‘s advice is given in the title by adding a small amount of keywords, and then through the station layout reasonable to add other keywords.

    first of all to talk about several common forms of keyword stuffing.

    we all know there is the concept of keyword density, website optimization, we ask the site keyword density between 2%-8%, which is in order to let search engines know whether our site is associated with the keyword.

    1, in the title keyword stuffing

    3, through the hidden code stack keywords read more

  • According to Google included some daydream about nofollow

    be deleted?

    at first, when I stand up due to negligence, page 2 for links (as links) I just lost a nofollow, just think of the problem above, so easy to test. When the 2 links in the case of nofollow off the links as long as the entrance, or the same will be included, the weight should not be a problem, when you site, this link ranking on the home page, site ranked according to common sense, should be your weight in the station ranking. For fear of interference, I have waited for 2 weeks, as is the case. So, guys, eliminate the concern. read more

  • On the top off site for website promotion strategy channel


    the following are some of my experience in the promotion of the process, we can refer to the following:

    In this paper, by

    Hello, I am the thunder off network Li Xin, today mainly talk about is about to top off site for promotion channels, when it comes to top off, get some owners do not understand, the most typical example of this kind of website is DIGG, it is through the user’s access to the Internet to share information new.

    from Mr Lu Songsong’s blog saw this by top off the promotion of the site, and was personally tested, the result is beyond my expectation. The test site of PV increased 980 times in that day, independent IP reached 300, and the content of the search engine to share this website can be included, but is a good channel. read more

  • Love the sea change index method to trace the complaint

    about the complaint, but once again broadcast address complaints (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback), we give you a reminder, in writing the complaint should try to describe problems, citing the Shanghai dragon enthusiast Pi Zirui experience: "the site index was abnormal, can use the index amount of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query tool, a traversal some of the main sub level your website domain name or directory to determine exactly which sub domain index or directory is abnormal." "Each channel selection page, this page of the URL direct search in Shanghai love web search, the minimum range to locate deleted snapshot pages." "And then gives a clear physical" in the complaint URL, with corresponding changes in the data." It is easy to quickly find the crux of the problem of love Shanghai staff complaints. read more

  • A few points on the large hospital website optimization

    hospital website competition is fierce, grab a few high weight website keywords, consuming enormous human and material resources to the first row, also dozens of traffic. And so, as well as several flow small but strong in the long tail keywords, the so-called people more power, dozens of long tail keywords can also bring a considerable flow. Like Sina, NetEase and other large portals, long tail keywords flow accounted for a considerable proportion of.

    website optimization without absolute thinking, there is no fixed method, there is only a good thinking and a feasible method, practice is the best way to test effect. read more

  • From the analysis of Google hummingbird algorithm to adjust the semantic parsing

    analysis of


    how to analyze the user’s need to

    , semantic analysis is the future direction of the development of search engine. In one example I typed "apple" by semantic analysis. You can know is that I want to find the apple mobile phone, instead of apple fruit. If you are only from the key to return to our information, it is very funny. I want to find Jobs’s apple, you return to me to eat the fruit of apple. One hundred and eight thousand.

    now the search engine in the growth of their own database, in the analysis of the semantic enhancement. Now the search engine can only be understood literally a group of keywords, it does not know behind this set of keywords represents what mean? Semantic analysis is to have analysis of this set of keywords, and know the meaning behind it. read more

  • Discussion on the use of the three page type reasonably improve the site collection


    I think we site what page updates most frequently, so that a page is the most suitable for dynamic pages. Certainly the most frequently update is the home page of the site. If we use the generated static, then the site may be another web site, one is the original address, an address is generated. So we site to be divided into two portions of unnecessary. For the low weight site may influence is not obvious, but the weight of the site for high impact will be great. So I think we should use dynamic pages on the home page. read more

  • A simple but important Shanghai Longfeng formula

    1, it is simple to understand, it is the main purpose of an integral symbol, C=content, represents the content of the website, L=link, represents a link to the site, K=keywords O=others, is the keyword. Is the impact of other factors, the Shanghai dragon think, Shanghai dragon is actually a long process of "time" integral, and website content is the core of it. Long term to create high quality content, the weight of the website will go up.

    4, K3 – third key factors are important, any a web page in the search engine’s index library inside, are corresponding with the keywords, which is a theme, the theme is words on a page, we want to put keywords layout, the most important words the layout of the first. read more

  • About how to buy high quality Links from five aspects

    check link to

    how can you judge a site quality from the snapshot, included, PR and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, but we do love Shanghai is the main domestic rankings, so can not so fancy PR, because PR is mainly for Google ranking, Shanghai ranked no influence on love too much. Therefore, to love Shanghai ranked words is mainly to see each other and included snapshot. According to the snapshot update frequency, the number of included and included speed can determine the quality judgment of the other site. Looking for the new snapshot included fast, is relatively good. read more

  • A good website is built


    I believe that this is the priority among priorities, in the station optimization, this one we must work hard at it, a user, he needs, he will use search engine, and then see what he wants, will move the mouse came to see you, if your site no good content, is where you do very well, the site is also not a useless website any value.

    user experience?

    page layout and website Guide >

    since 2012, has greatly changed the search engine ranking system (Shanghai love 2013 love Shanghai, Scindapsus algorithm) before the chain for the emperor, the chain is king "slogan to no one to say, now more and more people tend to be in the chain for the emperor, the chain with love in Shanghai weakened, many people began to pay attention to the construction of development within the site, and not in favor of the chain, the station ignored, dawn Shanghai dragon that website optimization user experience is what we do in the most important aspects in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, we love from the Shanghai algorithm ranking mechanism is not difficult that love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, allowing users to save the search time, can let users in the shortest time to find the content they want can be seen in our website optimization and promotion process, user Experience is the first and only allow users to enjoy a good experience, can be truly recognized by users. read more

  • A picture from the beautiful waterfall flow site optimization details


    description information of some pictures, we can encourage users to evaluate the page information to reduce page similarity. Visitors will become the page message evaluation and a unique landscape, let your page out of the ordinary.

    : our picture page set up a detailed title

    three: ALT > picture basic information label

    rich text information for each page.

    In addition to

    now, the text information is still the most friendly page elements on the search engine. If you want to reduce your site in the pictures of the waterfall stream to repeat the work, add a rich text information is indispensable for each page. For our website if all the pictures cascade pages are single picture information, so even if your these pictures style beauty, color is bright, appears in the search engine, they are still the same. But the picture description information just to solve this short board. In the rich and colorful pictures and collocation a brief description of information, so that it can be very good for users and search engines and the content of our interpretation of the picture. read more

  • Discussion enterprise stand down the right reason



    , and still remind enterprises station operators, try to ask the boss to buy some cloud space or independent IP space, space is the basic foundation of website security, and can not be selected at random.

    space station

    there is no doubt that the original article is certainly the best, but the original article, we will be able to get the highest score of voting trust and this may not be?. And for example, the "enterprise stand down the right, why?" this article is original, assuming the hits per day and the amount of reading is 1, love Shanghai give original friendly points up to 3 points; if this article is completely copied over in other sites, in other web site access and click on the amount of 10, on my site is 20, so I immediately is plagiarism, but I got higher scores, in the course of time, my ranking absolutely will be ranked in the "original" above, this is the user experience. So a website article quality, can not alone a determined, and to read many factors from click + quality + to consider. read more

  • Another way to improve the user experience of front end optimization a

    two, how to carry out the front-end Optimization:

    3, CSS. Sprites combined with CSS images, and a good way to reduce the request number.

    front-end optimization greatly. But it is basically divided into two categories, one is to optimize the content page code level, two is to optimize the WEB server. Today is the first to talk about the content page optimization level

    2, and compression of

    : why should the front-end Optimization:

    watched a man written in A5, which have a common starting point, which is the user experience, then what is the user experience. Good understanding of the method is that when the user enters a web page, through the eyes of feedback to the brain, the first feeling of users. A lot of people to enhance the user experience basically only when it comes to the layout of the site, and the color collocation content rich. This kind of method is indeed enhance the user’s experience of force method, especially the level of content. A good article to add some pictures of the readability is obvious to people. read more

  • From the love sea second new blog about a necessary condition for the establishment of new station

    again I just what is the reverse link how to do this blog:

    1: I went to a forum to register an account in character signature and personal website fill in the address, and then go back 2 posts (this forum can also


    > !

    first, for this blog, the domain name is registered in March 13th, take a look at this map:

    from the all Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive search, you can see, all the other SE are not included, love Shanghai included thug blog

    : 2 to 2 love Shanghai space I published the article, with the address of read more

  • Why intoxicants mall site will be the algorithm update right down

    from the above website of Shanghai Longfeng information can be seen, intoxicants mall one-way links too much, the chain 182, outbound links 1, than the minimum number of outbound links to buy tea has 6, so even if the anti drunk goods chain is true there will be love Shanghai to judge the possibility of cheating.

    it can be seen that the guest is tea, and tea, buy tea have index, brand value, intoxicants mall has no index, the brand value is low, there is the domain name of the age of the 2 years also intoxicants mall domain name age 2 years and 5 months from sumcl tea 4 in three months. read more

  • The large scale optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon group website

    for the website construction of the industry itself does not make money, many companies will provide services in the production of Shanghai dragon optimization good website to customers. Then the face of so many websites how to optimize Shanghai dragon? In this paper, according to my own experience and we simply share large-scale web sites the Shanghai dragon optimization maintenance program.

    of this kind of website construction company, station group, link trading, Links is the most convenient tools to achieve, and it is the customer’s station, no matter quality. read more

  • The old station and the railway station the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion analysis

    for a new station, whether it is included in or ranking, nature is more than the old station. We do optimization is to go beyond the old Shanghai dragon station can be ahead of him. Write in front of "a PR value for 0 new sites to promote?" Recently, in the Internet to see a lot of competitors website analysis, to write a good, I also benefited from the. So, for a new sites, how to do it in front of the old station ranking, this is what we want to discuss the topic today. Following on the new and old station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion are analyzed, two kinds of hope you can easily understand the website promotion differences. read more

  • Three senior linkbait skills introduction and comparison

    three, share type chain: share type chain type more, such as common website templates, FLASH templates, WORD templates, share type chain principle is equivalent to the exchange, I provide you with good resources, you help me promote the chain, and once spread will be very long and effectively, such as the early Lu Songsong blog, by providing free website templates and access to many high quality links, this method is tested until now, is the webmaster friends to try.

    however, limitations of the chain contribution is also more prominent, Chongqing Wu Li believes that the first submission of the platform, can be used to contribute a handful of platforms, the second is not all types of Web sites have their own suitable contribution platform, if long-term submission chain will cause the chain of correlation decreased gradually. It is not suitable for long to do. read more