Month: April 2017

  • Chinese Academy of entrepreneurship established the establishment of a scale of 500 million yuan

    wants to improve the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship, will start from scratch, double education therefore, Zhongshan Polytechnic and China Merchants Group, the joint school, yesterday formally established branch school of entrepreneurship, management of education to improve for more young entrepreneurs.

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  • Open the Korean barbecue stores to the site

    Korean barbecue stores by consumers, as long as the choice of location, you can easily start business. If you want to choose a good location, but their experience is inadequate, so do? It’s a good idea to learn skills in advance. Xiaobian finishing a few points for your reference.

    There are many shops in the read more

  • Join the fish love shrimp market hot Hot pot

    hot to join the project, only the restaurant to join. Venture investment options to join the project, is a very wise choice, but also a very good choice. It is said that fish love shrimp hot pot to join the project is good, small business is also very worthy of choice.

    fish shrimp hot pot is characterized by its soup. Fish love shrimp Hot pot bottom material with Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, caoguo and other superior nourishing condiment carey prepared, bottom of the pot soup clear soup and spicy soup two. Spicy soup taste, aftertaste. At the same time, one-time bottom material to ensure health, safety and reliability. Since the emergence of this soup, in a sense, has changed the traditional idea of "Tastes differ all tastes.". read more

  • Chengdu college students open shop can enjoy subsidies 10 thousand yuan

    for college students, the threshold is low and does not require a wealth of entrepreneurial experience entrepreneurial projects is open shop, which is also suitable for young people to do. Chengdu has also introduced measures to encourage college students to start their own business.

    – this year, Sichuan city of Chengdu province and the subordinate district (city) county finance for the first time to set up college graduates subsidy funds included in the annual budget of the

    – Chengdu college students and graduates of college graduates in 5 years, open shop in the city area will receive 10 thousand yuan of one-time start-up subsidies read more

  • College students Li Yulan and her boyfriend a small entrepreneurial story

    now, their own business has become a successful choice for young people now. 4 years of white-collar jobs that do not do, "the young couple" college students to join the green breakfast chain stores in Licang district set up a stall at the South Gate of qingdao. The man responsible for processing the scene, the woman greeted the guests sellers, this is the 27 year old college student Li Yulan and her boyfriend Xiao Shen’s story  .

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  • Ask yourself these 6 questions before starting a business

    whatever you want to do business, you need to master some skills. Entrepreneurs need skills, also need passion, the passion of entrepreneurs must persevere, appealing, convincing, and can be effectively communicated to key employees, consumers, partners and potential investors. Entrepreneurs in the business, you need to ask yourself these 6 questions:

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  • Garden square to create new opportunities for environmental protection market

    with the continuous promotion of green environmental protection, green life has long been well known, and compared to the previous, people’s demands for green is getting higher and higher, in the past has been unable to meet the needs of consumer demand! In this case, the family greening popular, and create new business opportunities in the market of environmental protection, park!

    is located in Chengdu Chifeng road has a home Gallery, the shopkeeper gave it a lovely name called "green baby". Here is a display of lavender, his fragrance, green dragon lock and other 50 kinds of plants, is out of the ordinary, they are cultivated in two inches to five inches large in small pots. These mini pot shape unique, exquisite chic, very popular with young people. read more

  • Bohai morning post to provide first hand information for entrepreneurs

    talked about entrepreneurship support, most people will be concerned about the government, banks, private business incubator platform, etc., in fact, the media is also a very important business support. Media for entrepreneurs to provide first-hand information on the forefront of entrepreneurship, sharing entrepreneurial experience, to provide all aspects of convenience for entrepreneurs.

    6 at the beginning of the month, the Bohai Morning Post Joint Committee of Binhai New Area started "innovation and entrepreneurship   since Nongchao Binhai large public reports, has launched the" information exchange "," about: to tell you the real business two plates, in addition to interpret the depth of each functional area of the new innovation and entrepreneurship support policy, also invited entrepreneurs and readers share the story of entrepreneurship, caused widespread concern. From now on, "innovation and entrepreneurship   Nongchao Binhai" reported in the public has to continue to pay attention to the contents of the plate at the same time, will start a new section "" mission "Dialogue: innovation Binhai forum". read more

  • Beverage store service is very important

    drinks are very popular in the market, providing people with more features, very popular in the market. Drink shop want to run well, in addition to a delicious drink, but also have good service, perfect service, but also allows customers to feel at home, but also want to come back. Beverage store service is very important to introduce the following.

    store business is good or bad, you can consider the following factors: health, services, management. Factors such as address, traffic, and taste of the beverage have been set down, you can temporarily do not consider. Health, management factors can be easily resolved, but this piece of service to adhere to a long time is very difficult. read more

  • Floor brand marketing should learn from Daddy where

      recently hit the "Daddy where" increasingly popular, not only make the audience laugh too long, but also to the television station and sponsors are also quite a letter.

    "Dad where to go" success seems inevitable but by accident, hidden many factors of success. As a floor enterprise marketing planners, planning from the perspective of marketing to analyze the "daddy go" behind the popular reasons, mainly consists of four elements, we work together to have a look at how both are similar to what. read more

  • Brand home textile investment prospects

    brand hometextile shop is a wise choice, for many people today, in fact, to master the correct methods and techniques of shop, brand textile investment prospects are very good, attracted many investors.

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  • Creative ideas for the promotion of potted vegetables

    There is no land available for cultivation in

    City, but what about vegetables? Some people see the opportunity here to develop a potted vegetables. The pot can not only be used as a vegetable green vegetables, but also a strong ornamental value, the market is growing. Hidden in a small pot of big business opportunities, perhaps leading to efficient agriculture is a good shortcut.

    over one hundred yuan price of potted grapes

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  • Qinhuangdao cooked sign Malatang how net

    is known as a small pot of hot pot of public catering consumers have always been a big consumer market, because a lot of people love this food, consumer market. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, in order to know what to join the hot spicy small weave weapon, of hot stamping is the first choice, only the minimum investment will allow you to succeed when the boss!

    spicy snacks to join the first choice of Qinhuangdao cook signature. Cook spicy sign can attract the attention of consumers, is not only a wonderful taste, and rich nutrition! Cook spicy dishes are all sign strict hygiene standard of review, and for periodic timing replacement soup, health. Moreover, of spicy boiled sign products rich, everything can satisfy consumers! Store sales, less investment, quick return, simple operation, is the first choice for your business, of spicy boiled sign a series of open ingredients to choose to sign, weighing pricing, pricing, diversity, value choice. read more

  • Health care products a good choice to join health

    health regimen has been a very hot topic, the choice of investment in the health of the market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. So, venture to choose to join health care products? Very high quality project selection, the success of venture worthy of trust!

    a, clerk image

    health shop clerk image is also very important. Be healthy and energetic, and if you don’t have a lot of energy, how can you convince people that your health products are effective?. In addition, the need to pay attention to health at work, it is best to wear a white lab coat, hair, hands and nails should be clean. read more

  • Bakery location

    in the catering industry as long as to find suitable projects will be able to realize your dream of getting rich take the catering business, bread baking industry, now greatly small bakery business are good Oh, and some baking project operation is not good enough, this is why? Why is there such a big gap? Xiao Bian think it has a larger relationship with the shop location. So where’s the bakery?

    where to open a good bakery? Small series to investors the following suggestions.

    1, bustling commercial street in the stream of people, and everyone has food demand, therefore, the store opened in the downtown business district is very suitable for. How to open a bread shop in the bustling commercial street in the bakery, quality and service to be protected, so that more conducive to doing business. read more

  • Join Beijing congee required Health

    now, the gradual expansion of the breakfast market, for entrepreneurs, is a very good market development space. Business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join Beijing congee shop, is a very wise choice. So, the next to introduce how to join the Beijing porridge shop:

    ! read more

  • Pizza is what are the advantages of join

    new year home with something good? Pizza is a small gift to bring home this year. Of course, a small mind is carrying a deep feeling of homesickness. Today, our topic is this little pizza. Western fast food among the pizza snacks, with unique taste, attracted the majority of Chinese consumers. Is pizza, well-known brand, the Italy production technology, well cooked a delicious pizza snack, let everyone enjoy the delicious feast sinseong hoe. So join the project, as long as the investment of several million yuan, easy to create. read more

  • Nanjing airport staff to ensure the smooth entry of hematopoietic stem cells the whole

    we all know, hematopoietic stem cells is one of the ways to treat leukemia, because with it, it is possible to cure the majority of leukemia patients, so many people see the hope of recovery. Recently, donated by the hematopoietic stem cells in Nanjing, Taipei airport successy passed, rescued a patient from Xuzhou.

    due to surgery in patients with receptor time, the declaration of "special goods" is still in the process of approval, provided by the Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued an administrative licensing decision (including the corresponding approval number and other key information). read more

  • Chongqing fried snack fast to the whole to join

    Chongqing as a food heaven and earth, a small venture to invest in Chongqing’s choice of food, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. So, entrepreneurship to choose to join Chongqing fried snacks? Good project, good choice, trustworthy!

    fried snacks to join Chongqing to make money?

    Chongqing fried snack shops profit quite fast, whether it is the store opened in the bustling pedestrian street, or residential areas and schools nearby, do not have to worry about the geographical constraints. Because hunger breeds discontentment, and has always been to the first taste and cheap Chongqing fried snack stores natural delicacy people can not refuse. read more

  • The method of joining more profitable textile shop what the whole

    generally speaking, choose to engage in the textile market, is a very hot choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. What about home textile stores? 2017 high-quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

    investment stores open textile final purpose is to make money, this is an indisputable fact, investors think about most of the problem is how to make their home textile stores more money, the next web Xiaobian share experts teach you how to make textile franchise! read more