Month: March 2017

  • The province’s publishing unit heads meeting

    in March 12th, the province newspaper publishing units responsible for the meeting, the meeting to convey to learn the spirit of the National Conference of major newspapers and management work, the main work and the arrangements for the deployment of this year’s newspaper publishing unit.

    the meeting pointed out that in 2013, the province newspaper publishing units adhere to the correct opinion orientation for publication, do a lot of work in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the eighteen Party’s mass line of educational practice, publicity, press reform steadily, publishing strategy has made new achievements, foreign propaganda has achieved positive results. To promote the province’s economic and social development has made a positive contribution to create a good environment for public opinion. read more

  • Xining excellent days this year more than 300 days

    reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year, Xining’s air quality significantly improved, the urban four state-controlled automatic monitoring points 24 hours of continuous monitoring of air, as of December 14th, Xining City air quality days reached 305 days, the fine rate was 87.4%.

    it is understood that, in order to improve the city’s air quality, this year the city developed a "plan" comprehensive improvement of air pollution in Xining city in 2012-2015, to further expand the scope of the remediation area, increase the comprehensive management of air pollution in the city. Crack down on coal-fired boilers, black smoke behavior, the city’s 99 coal-fired boiler soot emissions were monitored, including the excessive discharge of 56 boilers were rectification. Coal fired boiler "coal to gas" work has been carried out, and the "coal to gas" treatment has been carried out for the 100 steam boiler in the coverage of natural gas. Catering industry to carry out coal (oil) smoke pollution control work on the four area of the 947 catering units for soot treatment, effectively reducing the urban air pollutant emissions. To strengthen the supervision and management of motor vehicle pollution control, vehicle inspection completed a total of 129 thousand and 600 vehicles, the implementation of green standard motor vehicle management, at present, issued green label 118 thousand and 400 vehicles, yellow car 11 thousand and 200. (author: Rong Lijun)
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  • Traffic accident alarm 7 days from 1025

    In February 14th, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, February 7th to 13, 16, the province’s sustained and stable social order in good condition, and no significant criminal, social stability and public security case (incident) and safety accident, the safety of cultural and recreational activities smoothly, expressway and State Highway safety, civil aviation, the railway transportation safe and orderly.

  • Strengthen the circulation of key commodity quality supervision and do a good job in the field of se

    since the two quarter of this year, the city’s industrial and commercial system to strengthen the quality supervision of key commodity circulation
    , to further improve the service areas of consumer rights work, give full play to the functions of departments of industry and commerce, strictly investigated consumer infringement cases involving service areas, service areas and earnestly safeguard the market order, and constantly improve the supervision level of the circulation of goods quality in the city the system, to ensure the effective rectification work. read more

  • The city’s minor ideological work

    Reporters from the city’s spring conference was informed that last year, borne by the Education Bureau of Xining City, ideological and moral construction of minors work among the national civilized city to declare the capital city in the first place, the Bureau was awarded the "national civilized unit" and "national ideological and moral construction of minors work advanced collective" honorary title.It is reported that the city’s education system:

  • The second round of the lake electric car challenge will soon start the three world’s first push a c

    An important element of innovation as the Green Fair, to promote industrial development as the theme of the Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge, will usher in a comprehensive upgrade this year, a record three "world first": for the first time in the world by professional institutions to provide authoritative evaluation of electric car race, for the first time in the world by professional conversion of pure electric vehicles challenge the gravel rally stage, the world’s highest first gear reality show star electric car sports column.

    2015 of the electric car challenge will be held on June 15th to 18, the total length of the stage increased to 981.4 km, a total of more than ten professional awards and the ad hoc committee awards, Beiqi new energy, BYD Daimler and dozens of domestic and foreign electric manufacturers, will send the latest models of full participation in the evaluation stage.

    the concern is that in order to create the domestic and the world’s most authoritative and most advanced electric vehicle performance evaluation standard and system of the tournament, invited the national authoritative organization, university professors and experts of new energy battery industry event review committee, will be a professional evaluation on the performance of a vehicle car. Thus, this event will also be the world’s first professional institutions to provide authoritative evaluation of the electric car race.Another highlight of this year’s event is to increase read more

  • Teacher’s Day tribute to the provincial cultural center played folk feast

    The evening of September 10th, a grand, strident concert in the Qinghai Institute of Police Officers played. From the province of the Yellow River Cultural Center Orchestra and folk music artists on the same stage, will be an auditory feast to the exquisite beyond compare struggle in the frontline hard gardener.

    , in concert for the teachers’ Day gift at the same time, in order to better promote the traditional Chinese culture, Qinghai Province cultural power construction.  
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  • This year the first emission rights transaction completed 30 million yuan turnover

    In March 30th, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau in the provincial administrative services and public resources trading center successfully held in our province in 2015 the first emission bids fair, 15 companies participated in the bidding transactions, a total turnover of 4517 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions indicators, indicators of sulfur dioxide emissions 788 tons, a total turnover of 32 million 239 thousand yuan.

    , continue to further promote the compensation for the use and emission rights trading pilot work, is to implement the national and provincial government on the reform of system of ecological civilization is one of the innovative work. Provincial government attaches great importance to the main pollutant emissions trading pilot work included in the "overall" system of ecological civilization construction in Qinghai Province, as a key content in our province to implement the comprehensive deepening reform and vigorously promote. In order to better play the role of total pollutant control system, establish the values of environmental resources, the limited capacity of the resource value, the use of paid "in the whole society, to further promote the industrial structure adjustment, reduce the environmental costs of the whole society, realize the coordinated development of regional economy and society, our province to explore actively and steadily push forward the sewage the right to compensation for the use and trading pilot work, the success of the four bidding Fair has aroused strong repercussions in the community, but also for the Qinghai Tibet plateau ecological fragile areas, underdeveloped areas, ethnic minority areas, the western poverty-stricken areas of environmental protection, pollutant control work carried out beneficial exploration and practice.   read more

  • Xining construction of the rule of law cited concern

    for thirteenth 12· 4 "National Legal Publicity Day propaganda work to see the effectiveness of the judicial system, focus on promoting the rule of law, and building a great China dream" theme, in November 16th opened the prelude to the rule of law in Xining carried out the construction of learning publicity, promotional activities are like a raging fire, will be the end of December 15th.

    day, the county, municipal departments and municipal units according to the law office of the unified deployment, take party central group collective learning, lectures, writing experiences, learning organized form, in-depth study of the municipal government decision to deploy on the construction of the rule of law, a profound grasp of the "Outline", "the implementation of opinions" and "resolution" spirit, a profound understanding of the spirit of the rule of law in the city of Xining mayor Wang Yubo speech construction mobilization meeting, quick thinking and action to the municipal government’s decision to deploy up, gather the strength to achieve the goal of the construction of rule of law in Xining. At the same time, the media of administering the city offered features, and special editions, columns and other large feature space, multi angle, all-round publicity, to further expand the Xining building the rule of law awareness and influence. The scope of the city to promote the rule of law in Xining construction activities, will build a city of life for the city, the city to create a more happy atmosphere of the rule of law. read more

  • West District of Xining city for the West export makeup

    October, the ancient city of Xining after several rain baptism, chill. But the West District Xining city west exit area is be in full swing, digging pits, handling trees, trees, soil and water…… More than 70 workers will be sweating, a tree on both sides of the road. It is understood that the west exit green, West District, a total investment of 530 thousand yuan, will be planted in Sophora japonica, Xinjiang poplar, elm, clove trees in the west exit, a total of about more than 6 strains. read more

  • Xining police combination to combat and prevent crime

    2014 Xining police will comply with the new trend of policing, to take a variety of measures to crack down and prevent all kinds of criminal activities.

    Xining police official said, in 2014 at the meeting, the development trend of Xining City Public Security Bureau will take the initiative to adapt to the new police, adhere to the occupation, specialization, informationization, focus on concept, mechanism and means of innovation, through the adjustment of criminal cases handled the detection pattern, deepen the serious cases of concentrated poverty mechanism, strengthen the small case "the fight against the three measures, and strive to achieve the transformation and upgrading work, Xining’s rapid economic and social development. read more

  • Xining Red Cross youth work started

    "and implement the spirit of eighteen, caring left-behind children, build fraternity xiadou" and Xining City Red Cross youth work ceremony, held in the central square in the afternoon of November 23rd, as in young advocate cherish life, care and help others, Thanksgiving return society concept, guide the majority of city youth to vigorously promote the "humanity, fraternity and dedication" the spirit of the Red Cross, in good physical and mental health of public welfare activities. read more

  • Project construction at top speed Huimin project a quarter of the province to promote the transporta

    in the first quarter of this year, the province’s transport sector in order to be a good development of the first officer as its mission, in steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects of hard work, transportation work started well. Data show that a quarter of the total completion of highway and waterway traffic investment in fixed assets 1 billion 587 million yuan, an increase of 27.73%. Among them: the completion of the highway investment 1 billion 139 million yuan, the national highway to complete the investment of $372 million, the transport station to complete the investment of 76 million yuan. read more

  • Xining North Haoxiliantai more than and 130 Plaza activities you

    the evening of June 26th, north of the city of Xining Chaoyang Square, abustle and astir applause, more than ten opera from the area of the team and brought opera performers, including Peking Opera, Shaanxi opera, opera and other exciting performances. In order to meet the arrival of the tourist season, the North District Cultural Center from the beginning of June, launched the more than and 130 "summer holidays square" activities in succession, enrich the cultural life of the people. read more

  • Promote the rapid development of Qinghai airlines and economic and social Wang Guosheng met with the

    8 11, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met in Xining, chairman of the Western Airport Group Co., Ltd., party secretary and his party, the two sides to speed up the development of aviation industry in Qinghai in-depth exchange of views on the.

    West Airport Group is China’s second provinces area of operation of large-scale airport group, responsible for Xianyang, Yinchuan, Xining 3 airports and Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Qinghai four provinces of 14 regional airport construction and operation management. read more

  • Xining city this year will be 111 villages hardening road 530 km

    reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau, this year, the municipal government, under the arrangement, the city will be 111 institutional village hardening road 530 km.

    in accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the city will be 111 administrative villages unified into the overall program of the province’s military enterprises build a model village activities. According to the construction plan, the city Bureau of transportation and actively coordinate the construction of the county, the transportation sector to do a good job of pre planning and field research projects. It is reported that the total investment of 120 million yuan of hardening road plan, through the village road remediation, will improve the production and living conditions of farmers and rural living environment to lay a good foundation for quality. Up to now, a total of 27 demonstration village road hardening project Provincial Communications Department has issued a funding plan, a total mileage of about 145.2 km, with a total investment of $32 million 418 thousand. The city still has 84 demonstration village road hardening projects need to be included in the Provincial Department of transportation fund subsidy plan, hardening mileage of 384.7 km, with a total investment of $84 million 300 thousand. (author: Zhao Linsong) read more

  • Xining to promote police vehicles and vehicles involved in violation of special governance issues

    Xining City Public Security Bureau to further promote the police vehicles and vehicles involved in violations of special treatment, so that the four do not let go".

    Aiming at the outstanding problem of the

    self correction stage, Xining city public security organs and the police vehicle involved violations of special governance leadership team asked the city’s public security organs to intensify the rectification of outstanding issues, do not miss the vehicle registration, the source of the vehicle to the Qing Ming is not spared, seizure and disposal of vehicles involved not clear why the miss, license plate the use is not clear not let go, to ensure that the city’s public security organs and the police vehicle involved special rectification work. Special management leadership team carefully set "police vehicle license plate registration list", "public security organs involved in the vehicle registration list" registration form, hand drawn composed of two special inspection group to the grass-roots units by car check. In the course of the registration of police vehicles and vehicles involved in the issue of classification and to submit a report to the higher level, the next step to study solutions. read more

  • Xining to eight civilization construction work to create a city

  • Xining an early start to start the work of key projects next year

    "Comprehensive pipe gallery Internet plus" digital Xining construction, construction, rural drinking water projects, intelligent transportation, brand agriculture, shantytowns…… In early September, the Xining municipal government on an early start, the city’s key projects one by one in 2016 to sort out and plan to implement the responsibility.

  • Xining to carry out the safety of agricultural products 100 day action

    this year, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry department to carry out the "hundred days of action", carry out the slaughterhouses, farms, agricultural inputs, the quality and safety of agricultural products and Huang fish 4 special, so that the city’s agricultural and animal husbandry production environment, agricultural products market and the quality and safety of agricultural products to improve.

    as of mid April, the city’s Department of agriculture and animal husbandry common law enforcement officers dispatched more than and 300 passengers, check the agricultural enterprises and more than 400 stores, 35 agricultural market rectification, to correct irregularities in 46 cases, and 10 cases of counterfeit agricultural. To conduct a comprehensive inspection of the 15 pig, cattle and poultry slaughter, slaughter of 4 harmless treatment facilities are not in place, 3 place is cold slaughter management situation proposed rectification requirements, the 1899 head of the detected (only, feather) animal disease and product all harmless processing. A total of 16478 samples were tested for clenbuterol, and the results were negative. read more