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  • Tencent vice a large number of pornographic account thunder seized suspects arrested

    Yesterday (September 14th)

    news, announced the group Tencent thunder action project, since this year the "anti pornography net net 2014. Since the special action, the Tencent closed suspected prostitution WeChat account more than 70, suspected of spreading pornographic public account more than 3000, more than 90 porn QQ Feng Ting account, pornographic audio and video processing file hundreds of nearly one million, and prohibit the spread of malicious links. At the same time, the thunder action also jointly released by the Shenzhen police cracked the case of the use of the public platform for the dissemination of pornographic information. read more

  • Hurun brand list 200 Taobao CBC ranked second Sohu failed

    2015 most valuable Chinese brands top 10

    [TechWeb] September 18th news reports, the report Research Institute released a "2015 Hurun brand list" report, released the 200 most valuable brand Chinese, which owned 101 brands, 99 brands of state-owned Tencent, the list ranked first, Taobao beyond the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, Baidu ranked second.

    in the "2015 most valuable brands Chinese", Tencent’s brand value of 277 billion yuan won the "most valuable Chinese brand"; Alibaba’s brand Taobao brand value of 266 billion yuan, China Mobile and Baidu in the ICBC brand ranked second; in addition, China Mobile ranked third, Baidu fourth, industrial and commercial Bank of China fifth. read more

  • Daily topic Honey bud to complete the D round of 150 million financing pattern of maternal and chil

    A5 ( 17  stationmaster net news yesterday, September; domestic maternal electricity supplier honey bud announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu, the red capital, H  capital and other existing shareholders and a number of US private equity fund with investment, the latest valuation of nearly 1 billion dollars.

    is the largest import Chinese honey bud baby brand sale mall, located in providing high quality for a growing middle class family Chinese one-stop global shopping experience. Honey bud honey bud baby, formally launched in March 2014, then in the same year in June and in December has been Sequoia Capital $20 million B round and H  Capital  $60 million C round of financing. Just a year and a half, has been the rapid growth of the domestic electricity supplier maternal leader. read more

  • Network nformation Office shut down thunder service false information dissemination of pornographic

    thunderbolt pop (map)

    Tencent Francisco December 8th message, according to reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, the National Network Information Office recently reported according to the masses, on the spread of pornographic and vulgar information and false rumors of thunder take measures to shut down the service window.

    National Network Information Office of the relevant person in charge, according to Internet users to report and verify that the thunder pop service spread false rumours and pornographic and vulgar information, especially the relevant information is particularly concentrated information "section, the impact is very bad. In order to regulate the service window, to curb the use of pop dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information behavior, the national network information office network letter instructed the Guangdong provincial departments of these problems were investigated. At present, the thunder information service has been shut down the window. read more

  • Content ecology is not only open hundreds of Baidu launched mobile Web Accelerator


    technology news September 2nd afternoon news, Baidu officially announced the opening of Baidu 100 in the 2016 World Conference on overweight, content distribution. In order to ensure the content of the page reading fluency and user experience, Baidu technology simultaneously launched a mobile Web Accelerator (MIP).

    MIP was recently launched by Baidu’s open source project, which is the core of opening a set of technical standards used in the mobile web, by providing the MIP-HTML specification, the MIP-JS runtime environment and the MIP-Cache page caching system, mobile web acceleration. read more

  • On the DNS system is facing serious security vulnerabilities risk emergency announcement

                national computer network Emergency Response Coordination Center on the DNS system is facing serious security vulnerabilities emergency announcement:

    Security Bulletin: CN-VA08-05

    release date: July 24, 2008

    vulnerability type: Spoofing

    vulnerability assessment: important

    security level: level three

    Openness: public

    vulnerability Description:

    since July 9, 2008, CISCO, Microsoft, ISC and other Internet DNS software vendors have released a security bulletin, called the DNS software in the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, an attacker can guess the message sequence number DNS parsing process to fabricate the DNS authority server response, so as to achieve the "pollution" cache (Cache) in the record the purpose is pointing to the wrong domain name information into DNS servers, resulting in contamination of the DNS server will provide analytical results wrong. This attack can result in domain name hijacking attacks, making the public through the domain name to the hacker to visit the designated website, facing a series of serious security threats such as phishing and web trojans. read more

  • To enter the field of ganji com dating on free market impact

    day before, China classifieds site Ganji announced the largest and most complete, dating platform on-line in July 1st. Prior to the introduction of pre registration activities, has exceeded 100 thousand registered users mark. Go to the market the main push reliable dating dating, is different from general dating websites, dating platform based service free of charge.


    Jiayuan, Lily network, cherish network dating website profit pattern is for membership fees, the launched a high-profile dating platform is a symbol of a slice of read more

  • Former president of the media in twenty first Century such as Shen Hao was transferred to the Shang

    , according to Xinhua news agency, February 28th, Shanghai police revealed that the former president of the media in twenty-first Century, Shen Hao, Limited by Share Ltd, and so on more than 30 suspects were transferred to the prosecution of the day of the prosecution, involving a number of charges.

    it is understood that the original twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd president Shen Hao more than 30 suspects involved in the crime of forced transaction crime, including the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on non state staff and the crime of bribery, embezzlement and other cases of individual crime, involving hundreds of billion yuan. read more

  • Webmaster daily broadcast electricity providers to upgrade the value of the war and the collapse of

    1 Internet banking platform for online credit online month off

    April 2nd morning news, on-line just over a month of Internet financing platform public lending network (, today announced that due to the lack of operational team led to bankruptcy. Public Lending network in charge of the relevant person in charge of sina technology, said it would try to refund 90% of the user’s money, but did not disclose the specific reasons for bankruptcy.

    The Internet platform for financing the public lending network on-line read more

  • Webmaster network daily broadcast Microsoft China involved in the electricity supplier PPS alleged c

    1, Microsoft MSN China Brewing electricity providers will be involved in the search will end the test

    May 22nd afternoon news, Microsoft China MSN general manager Liu Zhenyu said today that MSN in China of active users has reached wuliuqianwan future business will be further integration of Phone and Windows. Liu Zhenyu said, MSN China is brewing involved in the electricity supplier market, and will also be the end of the test, the official competition into the Chinese search market.

    over the past eight years, MSN China has focused primarily on advertising as a support business, and now the joint venture is ready to explore more areas. "The whole industry has tremendous upheaval," Liu Zhenyu said. In MSN China’s business plan, there is a saying that three carriages. The first carriage refers to the entire business driven by advertising, the second can be understood as the user to charge the business, the third is e-commerce. At present, the layout of MSN China’s advertising business has been relatively mature, behind the two carriages are ready to start. read more

  • The first batch of Guangzhou vegetables site failures distribution cost easy loss

    shopping site is now mostly recession (TechWeb with


    TechWeb editor: the markets do not run to crowded, just sit at home with a click of the mouse or a phone call, there will be the most fresh meat Vegetable & Fruit sent home, and the price in the market, even cheaper. Two or three years ago, quite stylish selling website temporarily, but reporters recently to visit Guangzhou, the former prosperous "good helper", "Yi 10000" the emergence of selling website has ceased to exist. The other was the industry benchmark known online vegetables daily more than 20 orders of the Dongchuan city business street, now shrinking to an average of January 8~10 orders, difficult to maintain. read more

  • How to evaluate more than good Simple mouth cannon and gold vulgar speculation to marketing their o

    Abstract: an enterprise can not say because of their limited capacity planning with Bo eyeball vulgar marketing of a person can not because of their poverty to crime, and then rely on the community one day, not because of the wrong Losers are always in the wrong., you can say things in pairs.

    12 years, and he had a friendly discussion on micro-blog short.

    because he said the curriculum screenshot retained 99%, I say nonsense elsewhere in the message, he finally said the development is not easy for everyone to support each other, help others, so I don’t speak. I simply express my point of view, that I am only objective to express their attitude, this is not good, not because you need to develop fraud. read more

  • stand to support the editor of the computer EndTo excellent author selection

    the second quarter of 2007 outstanding author selection began
    please in front of you love the author tick and fill the information you submit,


    : if you know the story of the legendary grassroots webmaster, you can contact our editor QQ, contact at the bottom of the site.

    read more

  • You are a more pure and interesting watercress explore the new community of electricity providers pl

            original title: are you a more pure fun: startway watercress network to a one-stop high-quality network entry, explore new ways of community type electricity supplier

    first saw the new address startway released on V2EX, the curious point inside, the first feeling is really home Hyun, made with parallax sliding effect introduced quite a sense of. Registered after landing, found the name of a one-stop high-quality network "really is not blowing, there was an early watercress temperament. Yi also admitted that he is the founder of spinach beet watercress watercress began to confound the hardcore user, after she closed the account, move to do their own startway network, that was 09 years ago, when she was still a freshman in america. Now she is with a small team of 11 people made new startway for a year, is considering whether or not to take a year off to do so. read more

  • CNNC expert analysis Baidu paralysis event call attention to domain security

    January 13th morning news, according to Baidu domain name hijacking fault 11 hours, CNNIC assistant director Qi Lin said today to Sina Technology, from the CNNIC tracking data, DNS security was related to the accident and the analysis of the outside world, should cause reflection is the domain of security problem.

    Qi Lin said that from the analytical data currently displayed by the, the Baidu fault due to its domain name Name Server (hereinafter referred to as "NS") is modified, the NS function is decided on domain name parsing by which DNS server, NS modified to return the wrong DNS record of course will cause access error. read more

  • WordPress is down 110 minutes 10 million 200 thousand blog affected


    technology news Beijing time on February 19th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the blog platform service WordPress US local time Thursday down 110 minutes, 10 million 200 thousand use the WordPress service website is affected, the affected page views reached 5 million 500 thousand.

    down after the accident, WordPress and in the Twitter developer Automattic released the news confirmed the incident. The first confirmation message is issued at 14:00 February 18th (Beijing time on 6:00, February 19th). read more

  • Former general manager of Juhuasuan was sentenced to 7 years in prison for bribery was sentenced

    Juhuasuan former general manager Yan Limin


    technology news August 7th evening news, a year ago on suspicion of bribery Xingju Juhuasuan and former general manager Yan Limin (nickname Hui empty) won the final verdict: according to the Hangzhou Xihu District people’s court verdict, Yan Limin was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, illegal income continues to be recovered. At the same time, more than the former Juhuasuan employees involved were sentenced.

    Yan Limin was sentenced to 7 years in prison read more

  • Taobao com thousand crown stores eat red card

    shop credit level, is one of the main basis for the choice of online shopping businesses, but many shops hype false credit to achieve a high level of credit, but often misleading consumers.

    today, small advertising hype credit jumped out Taobao want less. Called on its members to actively report fried letter website, united around the network supervision department jointly combat speculation credit black chain, playing nearly 8 months after the war, "hit the credit speculation yesterday, officially released a" combat speculation letter report ": according to the latest data show that as of now Taobao a total of 22459 credit businesses and speculation, the crown above the level of some 1327. read more

  • That 11 11 is the new business model and the traditional model of chess is contradictory

    first, let us take a look at this a double eleven big release price data, according to the Alipay public data show: November 11th single day total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which Tmall mall accounts for the amount of $13 billion 200 million, Taobao accounted for the amount of 5 billion 900 million yuan. Compared to the full year eleven double price action over 200% growth. 2011 Tmall mall sales amounted to 3 billion 360 million yuan, Taobao total sales of $1 billion 940 million.

    consumer shopping is still dominated by branded goods read more

  • We asked people who were 23 years old to step into the workplace

    June graduation season is coming, there are a large number of former 22, 23, and a friend of the age of 24 to invest in the workplace (below), we take an intermediate number, collectively referred to as "the age of 23". We do not intend to use the "90" label, because the age span is too large, and we have always felt that such a division is not right.

    we always want to see what happens to the next generation of people in the workplace…… Hoping to seize this group. We would like to say, rather than look at the market for young people’s analysis of the article, it is better to focus more directly on some of the targeted age groups, what they think, but also what. read more