first_imgDaigo Umehara is one of the most well-known and respected professional fighting gamer players on Earth. This is a man who many see as someone they couldn’t possibly defeat unless they themselves were a pro fighting gamer.It turns out that one doesn’t need to be a pro to take down Daigo, as the legendary fighter was defeated by none other than rapper Lupe Fiasco during a Street Fighter V exhibition match last night.Though this match up seems to have come out of nowhere, that isn’t actually the case. Back in January, Fiasco was asked on Twitter if he watches EVO (the biggest fighting game tournament out there) to which he responded with “only to study Daigo.”@LupeFiasco you watch Evo?— 僕は神だ (@_fuckjoel) January 27, 2016 Only to study Daigo… — Lupe Fiasco (@LupeFiasco) January 27, 2016 After that, MadCatz’s Mark “MarkMan” Julio, jumped in and suggested that the rapper and fighting champion face off against one another.@LupeFiasco hi, I’m Mark with Mad Catz. How about a session to go ham on SFV with our man Daigo? I’ll bring the sticks. Let me know.— Mark Julio (マークマン) (@MarkMan23) January 27, 2016Being the gamer and fighting game fan aficionado that he is, Fiasco jumped at the chance to “lose to Daigo-San.” As we now know, that isn’t what ended up happening.The match took place at The Foundry in San Francisco and was broadcast live on Twitch (who sponsor Umehara and made this match possible along with fellow sponsor, MadCatz). Fiasco used Ken and faced off against Umehara’s Ryu in a tense 3-round match. Leading up to the fight, Fiasco revealed that he was practicing by going over various “strategies and drills.” All of this training paid off as even Fiasco was surprised he bested Umehara.How did such an upset happen? Many believe that Umehara was not at the top of his game and may have possibly been suffering the effects of jetlag. Others believe that Umehara actually let Fiasco win due to the fact that he didn’t capitalize during certain crucial moments. MadCatz’ Alex Verrey denies this and told Kotaku that “Daigo would never allow such a thing.” It’s also possible that Umehara isn’t that familiar with SFV’s new mechanics.While this loss may seem somewhat suspicious, I’m going to be generous and give Lupe Fiasco the benefit of the doubt and say he won this fight legitimately. Who knows, perhaps he can moonlight as a professional fighting game player when not releasing hits.Watch the video, judge for yourselves.last_img

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