• Taobao statement can not include registered information

    reporter Miao Xiali – Zhu Guorong

    morning news for the Beijing asked Taobao to stop illegal links, Taobao said yesterday that the sound, suspend the Registration Platform for the Beijing area. At the same time, the reporter found that Taobao life application module, in Shanghai and other places of the hospital registration service is still normal use. For the outside world questioned the risk of information leakage, Taobao said that the relevant module only provides a flow entrance for registration, registration will jump directly to the registration network to fill in the name, identity card and other personal information, Never mind and read more

  • The key to the success of enterprises in network marketing competition is the talent advantage

    with the maturity and development of Internet technology, the network marketing is also showing a prosperous scene, various industry companies have to build their own network marketing platform, launched online marketing. For a time on the growth of the industry’s network marketing information geometric figures. Sweet, Internet network marketing will become a battlefield without smoke, as more and more enterprises, individuals and institutions have joined the network marketing to the battlefield, the network various roles such as network promotion, website editor, SEO division, the Commissioner of the chain and so on, every day on the Internet you Changba me play. read more

  • State Administration for ndustry and Commerce jointly Alibaba pilot electricity supplier poverty al

    poverty can not be a hammer sale, SAIC recently launched a cooperation with Alibaba group, the pilot can be copied to promote the electricity supplier long-term poverty alleviation model.

    in July 31st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Alibaba group in Taihe County of Jiangxi province held a business poverty alleviation ceremony, the two sides will jointly Heilongjiang helping Fuyuan, Tongjiang City, Taihe County of Jiangxi province to carry out the business of poverty alleviation. At the meeting, Alibaba and more than three counties (cities) signed a cooperation framework agreement. read more

  • Eleven Ali turnover 57 billion 100 million yuan where the customer has been down

    [Abstract] in the background of the double eleven carnival, the biggest challenge for the platform providers is the ability of the server.

    Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on November 12th

    with 24 o’clock last night, the bell rang, the "double eleven" electricity supplier shopping Carnival officially closed, Ali in a single day turnover of $57 billion 100 million, after the listing of the first two copies of the report card eleven.

    in Ali’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Ma Yun (micro-blog) and is known as the man behind the – Alibaba group vice chairman Cai Chongxin also appeared in front of the media. Ali double eleven platform effect has even penetrated into the upper reaches of the manufacturing sector, according to the different needs of consumers, customized services. read more

  • Daily topics C round of financing 1 billion valuation rebate network adhere to the rebate mode

    A5 ( station network April 23rd news, recently announced by the international electricity supplier rebate network Japan Lotte investment area of nearly $100 million C round of financing. The completion of this round of financing, valuation of $1 billion rebate network will become a member of the club.

    rebate was founded in 2006, currently has about 60000000 users, over 3 million unique visitors daily, monthly rebate amount more than 100 million yuan. With Tmall, Jingdong,, Amazon, shop No. 1, launched a cooperation. read more

  • Foreign media said Google consider withdrawing from the Chinese market

    global search engine giant Google Corporation, 12, announced the end of the search results of Google China to close self-examination, and may close the Google China website ( and the office in china.

    January 13, 2010 News, according to foreign media reports, Google announced on its official blog, consider closing China operations and website JP Morgan chase, if Google exit the Chinese market, in 2010 revenue will be reduced by $600 million. Zhang Bin agency issued photo

    news agency in January thirteen Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Yuying) Drummond, vice president of Google Corporation for the development of the market withdrawal of China affairs on the blog, Google (Chinese) thirteen afternoon issued the message said, "we are currently examining this decision, hoping to find a solution." read more

  • Two years of China Telecom love WiFi rely on to make money

    for the development of WiFi operators have different views, especially after China Mobile cliff WiFi development, many people are skeptical of WiFi. People can not help but ask, with 4G, operators still need to do it WiFi operators can be profitable WiFi love WiFi launch, indicating the attitude of China Telecom. In the era of Internet plus China Telecom, hope that through innovation, to create a different WiFi.

    attitude: WiFi positioning value management, and 4G differentiation

    why China Telecom in the 4G era to develop WiFi I think there are three reasons: read more

  • Phone made in ndia Apple officially submitted detailed plans to the government of ndia

    January 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Apple Corp plans to prepare in India made progress on Wednesday, the company’s executives to the country’s federal government made a detailed plan.

    , however, there may still be some time before Apple’s permission to make a proposal in India, which is reported to involve an import tariff requiring deep cuts.

    Apple executives to participate in the talks, including Vice President Priya Balasubramaniam. Apple said in a statement after the meeting, we have been working to develop business in India, and to provide the best products and services to our customers with pride, and we thank the government for a constructive and open dialogue, to further expand our business. read more

  • Stationmaster net broadcast YAHOO Firefox default search engine world nternet Conference Ma said wh

    1.Firefox Google YAHOO to abandon the default search engine


    and Mozilla today announced the two companies signed a 5 year contract, YAHOO will become the default search engine in the Firefox browser PC and mobile terminal; and after Firefox search has been on to complete Google.

    in December this year, YAHOO will also launch an enhanced version of the search for Firefox users, will also support Firefox are not tracking (Do Not Track) function. The contract also involves future product integration related matters, but the two companies did not disclose details. read more

  • Shanda literature and change the intersection of interests and destiny

    the most difficult to manage Chinese Internet company, why the core business and the team will split, it will be for the entire network literature industry brings new changes to what kind of


    Xia Yongfeng

    at the beginning of April 2013, President of Shanda literature, starting point Chinese network general manager Wu Wenhui officially from the grand departure.

    this is a belated news, because in the whole of March, on the starting point Chinese network Shanda literature’s leaving the storm have already spread abroad. March 1st, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said that Wu Wenhui received from various quarters to go, and report to the Royal Group Chairman Chen Tianqiao, and Wu Wenhui to the two person denied this news; March 6th Hou Xiaoqiang internal mail agreed starting point the founding team left, announced to take over the starting point; in March 11th, Chen Tianqiao stood in a storm in March 20th, Hou Xiaoqiang and Chen Tianqiao attend the starting point; the writer annual meeting, participants said, Shanda literature writer commitment to further enhance the welfare system. In this process, although Wu Wenhui is still in the grand literature, has been in a state of "sick". read more

  • nternet what Listen to these eight entrepreneurs how to say

    Yu Yu Group jointly organized by handing and the Hurun Report of "the creation of era, we come to the first 2016 80 entrepreneurs theme summit" held in Beijing in April 26, 2016. The summit to "create era, we come" as the theme, aims to explore the "core issues a" the era of innovation, entrepreneurship, wealth, 80 entrepreneurs seek common characteristics.

    in the forum link, interest installments founder Luo Min, Shimao Group Vice President Xu Shitan, Guo Wei, founder of public power Zhiyuan, Xu Xiao diamond bird co president and founder of CEO entertainment hero should book Ling, Kai Ying founder Wang Yue, solid gold shares chairman Sun Fengfeng, Shanghai Tim incense Industrial Company CEO Xu Taofang as a guest on "China Unicom world" as the topics discussed, and how to share their business is "Internet plus" how to react? The following forums record, star school ( compiled: read more

  • The largest WeChat suction powder company boss was arrested claiming to master 500 million users

    "Liu Dengpan’s having an accident!"

    on the morning of January 9th, a group of mobile internet marketing, many practitioners in the past ten years old counterparts, fight each other listening to Shenzhen new rookie Network Club CEO Liu Dengpan on suspicion of leaking a lot of customer information and data was taken away by the police investigation news. Previously, the company has been known with 500 million customer information, the annual income reached 70 million yuan, is the largest in Southern China WeChat marketing company, but it is in a dramatic way to usher in the new year. read more

  • nventory 2014 P2P net loan ten problem platform

    note: as of the end of 2014, there have been at least 183 P2P net loan platform accident, only in December there are problems on the platform of 62, a record high. At the end of this year, there will be a huge problem of several P2P net loan platform was summarized, designed to help investors to summarize the fresh lesson, more rational conduct P2P net loan financing.

    , five a platform for exchange, Zheng Xudong, swept away 700 million yuan

    this is a comparable to the story, the hero of the story: Zheng Xudong, 45 years old, junior high school culture, in case of national debt in 2013 to set up 5 companies. If the P2P platform of the annual interest rate of 22%, 25% reward, you have no heart, why so high? It is only one reason: it is a liar. read more

  • Henan to build the country’s largest logistics information platform for the country free of charge

                if each truck by reducing the mileage of 100 yuan per month to save fuel costs, the province’s vehicles can save $800 million a year. If the province’s vehicles can effectively reduce the no-load rate through the logistics information platform, it means that we re built a highway, equal to build an oil refinery in Henan." Lv Quande, director of the Henan Provincial Department of transportation road transportation in Anyang, organized by the modern logistics information conference to promote the eight hanging to the network, said. read more

  • Ape bank completed the D round of 60 million financing will be on line earnings program

    sina science and technology news on March 30th morning news, online education institutions ape question library officially confirmed to Sina Technology, has completed a new round of $60 million financing, valued at $360 million.

    it is understood that the current round of investors in addition to ape exam the first two rounds of investors China latitude and IDG capital, also joined the two private equity investment fund, respectively is the lead investor in the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (CMC Capital Partners) and New Horizon Capital (New Horizon Capital). Yi Kai capital for the current round of financing the exclusive financial adviser. read more

  • About Google billing address writing

    name is the name of the foreigner habits (Firstname) in the former, the last name (Lastname) in the post. If you come together to fill in, it is best to pay attention to the order, but if you fill in the reverse, it does not matter. The Bank of China accepts the check. For example: Liu Gang, can be written as GangLiu, can also be written as LiuGang.

    address translation principles: first after the small big. Chinese people like to talk about the big and small, such as * * * * * * road. And foreigners like to say small after the big, such as * * * * * * * area, so you should be in the translation of the first to write a small.
    note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translated into English agreed, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your cheque is sent by the Chinese postman, the key is to understand them. Technology building into TechnologyBuilding, they may be more confused. At present, the Chinese postal mail sorting center in every city has a person in charge of translating the foreign address into Chinese address, and write it on the envelope and send it to the postman. Important: your zip code must be written correctly, because several postal links in foreign letters are delivered by zip code. read more

  • WeChat circle of friends cheap buy fake

    today’s WeChat circle of friends, often see someone recommend "conscience purchasing" to half off or even eighty percent off of the low price, marketing all kinds of brand-name perfume, facial mask, cosmetics. There are what mystery? Recently, the Guangzhou Baiyun police combat campaigns in the "3+2" special, destroyed a large warehouse and seized fake fake brand-name cosmetics, a well-known international brand of skin care products more than 1000 pieces, some foreign well-known brand skincare suit, air cushion BB cream and more than 4000 pieces, the estimated value of about more than 190 yuan rmb. Police found that in this warehouse to get fake is a number of micro network vendors and other sellers. read more

  • Adsense network broadcast AcFun suspected of eight years without a license to operate Google return

    1 on the side of the United States after the end of the electricity giant how?  

    as one of the three major domestic white giant, the United States in the enjoyment of the rapid development of home appliance subsidies dividends, but also bear the impact of policy exit.

    and other enterprises in this industry, the outside call us, began the usual "traditional home appliance enterprises", although the home appliance industry development but a few decades in China, but in the face of the slowdown, the Internet intrusion of reality, this is not a long history of the industry, has been hit by the traditional label. When the need for change. read more

  • Automotive electricity supplier first year to make it a rule

    2013 Chinese count automotive Internet memorabilia industry, automotive electricity supplier is a noteworthy thing.

    eleven during the double, car electricity supplier to a dark horse posture reached the electricity supplier siege, played a focus all the attention, but also caused numerous disputes. Is it really possible to sell a car on the Internet? What’s the difference between selling a car online and selling a car on the Internet? What’s the point of selling a car on the Internet to attract consumers? 4S store will not be in conflict with it? read more

  • Venture capital talent strategy into the cold mode to keep people from poaching strategy

    a year ago, lack of people is almost a common phenomenon in the venture capital sector. Pay attention to the "human sea tactics" in the industry, "go, job hopping to venture capital" became a buzzword.

    however, this year, the macro economy is facing greater downward pressure, venture capital industry also had to adjust the pace of investment. In July 11th at the twelfth session of the China venture capital and private equity investment in the mid forum ", the Qing Branch Group Chairman Ni Zhengdong said that in the first half of this year, the private equity and venture capital investment industry (PE/VC) were significantly decreased. read more