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  • Found dinosaur bones in Alberta Badlands Google doodle honours Joseph Tyrrell

    first_imgThursday’s Google doodle features a man standing among large dinosaur bones in the Alberta Badlands.It’s in honour of Joseph Burr Tyrrell, who was born 160 years ago in Weston, Ont.“It was a wonderful surprise,” said Lisa Making, director of exhibits and communications with the renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alta.The museum is named in his honour.Tyrrell, who died in Toronto in 1957 at the age of 98, had worked for the Geological Survey of Canada.After discovering coal near Fernie, B.C., he was sent to southern Alberta to lead a team of researchers exploring an area north of the Bow River.They found coal deposits in the Red Deer river valley, which became the country’s largest base for domestic coal mining until the discovery of oil and gas in Leduc in 1947.“Drumheller was the area that fuelled Canada for decades,” said Making. “He was instrumental in bringing Drumheller on the map for that.”She said Tyrrell was out exploring the Badlands when he stumbled across his next significant discovery.“He came upon this fearsome-looking skull buried in the hills, which ironically is only about five kilometres from where the museum is situated now,” said Making. “It just shows how rich the area is in paleotological fossils and discoveries.”The skull was named Albertosaurus sarcophagus — flesh-eating lizard from Alberta — in 1905, the same year Alberta became a province.Making hopes the Google doodle will help Canadians better understand their past.“He’s always an icon here at the museum,” she said. “His discovery of the Albertosaurus actually led to what’s considered the first waves of fossil hunting in Canada and a lot of the discoveries that came from that ended up in museums around the world.”On its site, Google said the doodles are changes made to its usual logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists.The company says is has created more than 2,000 doodles for home pages around the world.“A group of Googlers get together regularly to brainstorm and decide which events will be celebrated with a doodle,” said the website. “The ideas for the doodles come from numerous sources including Googlers and Google users.”Making said she wishes she knew who was behind Thursday’s Google doodle.“I would love to take credit for the doodle, but I can’t,” she said.“I’d love to know who suggested it and thank them. It meant a lot, it really did.”Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version misspelled Lisa Making’s last name near the bottom of the story.last_img read more

  • Pro Indigenous pool player pockets cash for documentary

    first_imgAPTN National NewsNow, a success story about a young woman getting her first break at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival.APTN’s Jaydon Flett has this story about how a passion beginning in the pool room has led to the big screen.last_img

  • MasterCard to hike fees for small businesses CFIB

    TORONTO — MasterCard Canada plans to follow Visa’s lead and increase transaction fees for small merchants this summer, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.The CFIB said Friday that the credit card company has disclosed that it plans a 20% increase in its assessment fee to 7.7 basis points on July 1.President and CEO Dan Kelly said that while the increase is smaller than the one announced earlier by Visa, his organization — the largest representing Canada’s small- and medium-sized businesses — is still dismayed by the decision.“CFIB is very disappointed that MasterCard is choosing to increase its fees at a time when small firms are struggling with an uncertain economy,” Kelly said in a release.He added that it was particularly surprising that both major credit card brands are upping their fees just before Canada’s Competition Tribunal is expected to rule in its case against the two credit card giants.“Unfortunately, the only competition between Visa and MasterCard is to see who can raise prices the most for merchants and consumers and deliver the highest fees for Canada’s banks,” Kelly said.MasterCard issued an email statement saying it has operated a “seamless and trusted” network for the past 45 years.“We continuously work to balance the payments network so that all parties pay their fair share,” it said.MasterCard said it will continue to work with merchants and institutions that issue the cards to deliver payment methods “that deliver consumers a valuable purchasing experience.”The CFIB is among those arguing against industry rules that require businesses that accept Visa or MasterCard to treat all types of their cards equally, regardless of the cost of processing payments.The CFIB, with 109,000 members countrywide, says shopkeepers and others who accept credit and debit cards as payment need the right to be able to refuse high-cost cards or to add limited surcharges.It also argues Canada’s code of conduct needs provisions for new mobile types of payment, such as by cellphone. Under a settlement reached in the summer, Visa, MasterCard and major banks agreed to pay retailers in the United States at least US$6 billion to settle a long-running lawsuit that alleged the card issuers conspired to fix the fees that stores pay to accept credit cards.Under that settlement, which settled a dispute going back to 2005, U.S. merchants will also be allowed to charge their customers more if they pay with credit cards.The Canadian Press read more

  • TNA says anyone is free to leave the Tamil alliance

    However the TNA said that, at the same time, anyone is free to leave the alliance.The TNA said this in response to a question raised of the EPRL possibly leaving the TNA. The EPRL has already indicated it will contest the Local Government elections separately and not with the TNA. (Colombo Gazette) The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has said that anyone can leave the Tamil alliance.TNA leaders told Tamil media heads that the door to the TNA remains open for anyone to join them.

  • Other Sudanese conflicts may harm peace mission for countrys south Security Council

    Briefing the Council on Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s report outlining the mandate of the mission, Jan Pronk, Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Sudan, said the country’s future development and stability depends on ensuring that the peace process is as comprehensive as possible.Mr. Annan has called for the deployment of 10,130 troops and up to 755 civilian police as part of the peace-support mission, which is being set up after last month’s signing of a peace deal ending a 21-year civil war in southern Sudan.But a civil war between the Sudanese Government and local rebel groups has raged in Darfur in the country’s west since early 2003, killing tens of thousands of people and displacing more than 1.8 million others. There has also been unrest in eastern Sudan.After today’s briefing at UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Pronk told reporters, “I am convinced that without a solution in Darfur, the north-south will not remain a sustainable peace agreement.”He said violence continues in Darfur, with villages and small towns “completely demolished” and the notorious Janjaweed militias, which are allied to the Sudanese Government, boasting openly to African Union (AU) ceasefire monitors that they plan more attacks on villages.Mr. Pronk said the number of AU monitors in Darfur – currently being increased to around 4,000 from about 1,500 – should be doubled so that they can better cover the vast territory of the region, which is equal in size to France.Sudanese Vice-President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and rebel leader John Garang, who will become a Vice-President under the north-south peace deal, have been invited to brief the Council on Tuesday.In his briefing to Council members, Mr. Pronk stressed that if there is any incentive for Sudanese groups to solve their problems through force, then the peace process in southern Sudan will falter. These groups “could be people in other parts of Sudan who feel oppressed, marginalized or neglected,” he said.The envoy said it was therefore vital to move quickly to disarm and demobilize former combatants, reform the security sector, return and reintegrate refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), establish solid economic and political governance, promote the rule of law, remove landmines, rebuild damaged infrastructure and reduce poverty.Mr. Pronk acknowledged that “this is an enormous challenge,” and also emphasized that the UN mission is designed to have “a relatively light footprint” – helping the Sudanese fulfil functions rather than imposing or carrying them out itself.Under the peace deal, southern Sudan will enjoy greater autonomy and a larger share of economic resources, including oil. After six and a half years the people of the region will be able to vote in a referendum on whether they should secede or remain with the rest of Sudan. read more

  • MLBs Best Free Agent Doesnt Play Baseball

    Lost in the manic hustle of the trade deadline’s aftermath was some of the most significant news for the upcoming baseball offseason. Dave Dombrowski, the general manager of the Detroit Tigers since 2002, was fired from his post, becoming perhaps the most valuable free agent in baseball.I say perhaps because valuing front-office employees is difficult. Their pages are filled with transactions, not stats, and a team’s record is such an imperfect measure of its talent that it’s hard to judge a GM by a season’s success. Seemingly well-built teams can fall apart because of injuries or bad luck, and poor teams can sneak deep into the playoffs on the basis of a few timely hits.That’s why sabermetricians like to grade GMs by the skill of the players they acquire, not the number of pennants they’ve won. Recent research conducted by Lewie Pollis (formerly a student at Brown University, now employed by the Cleveland Indians) found that the best GMs can contribute MVP-level performances to their teams through savvy player acquisition.Dombrowski is one of the best GMs no matter how you measure “best.” He grades out as the sixth-best GM in the time frame that Pollis examined (1995-2013).It’s important to note that although Pollis’s model produces a ranking of GMs, the purpose of the model was to estimate the total range of GM skill levels, not the individual effect of each GM. As such, it does not take into account the priorities of the ownership, the state of a team before a GM’s arrival,1In Dombrowski’s case, he inherited a Tigers team in 2002 that was so depleted of talent that it put up the most losses in American League history the next year. or the inevitable variance of player performance. Even so, when you combine the empirical rating with the subjective opinions of sources around baseball and the strong record of his teams, Dombrowski appears to be easily one of the top GMs in the game.Pollis measured two facets of GM competence: free-agent signings and trades.2It’s important to note that Pollis’s estimates grade the whole Tigers front office and not Dombrowski directly. However, Dombrowski assembled that front office, recruited most of its staff, and managed the whole enterprise. It’s not unreasonable to believe that Dombrowski could build an organization of similar skill for a different team. Of course, GMs have many other duties, such as handling the media, developing players, and interfacing with the owners, none of which we can readily measure. These unexamined aspects of GM skill can only be gauged subjectively right now. Since Pollis’s model can’t take them into account, it suggests that, if anything, his estimates are conservative.Dombrowski’s strength is in trading. The part of Pollis’s model that measures skill in trading says Dombrowski is one of the very best GMs in the league, and that fits with his reputation. Under Dombrowski, the Tigers made a series of deals that gathered many of the current team’s best players. Most famous among these trades is the swap that brought Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins for what looks in hindsight like very little (headlined by Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller).On the other hand, Dombrowski grades out as a little worse than average on free-agent signings. That is partially because of Detroit’s position as a large-market team, which makes it more able to afford the kind of marquee free-agent signings that, while not valuable on a per-dollar basis, can help provide reliable production. For this same reason, Dombrowski doesn’t grade out as well in other models that measure wins per dollar. Dombrowski also became, to some extent, a victim of his own success: By keeping the Tigers within reach of playoff contention, he kept them on the part of the win curve where it was most worth it to overpay for free agents.Former Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder is a good example of Dombrowski’s skills, good and bad. Reportedly under pressure from Tigers owner Mike Illitch, Dombrowski signed Fielder to a mammoth nine-year deal worth $214 million. When Fielder immediately began to underperform, Dombrowski traded him to Texas for second baseman Ian Kinsler, who was able to contribute to the Tigers’ 2014 playoff run. Dombrowski rescued a poor free-agent signing with a smart trade that contributed substantially to his team’s chances to win at the time.Pollis puts the worth of a very good GM at up to 7 or 8 wins per year.3Note that this range does not match the numbers reported in the histogram above because the individual estimates are heavily regressed to the average. If Dombrowski is as good as a composite view of him suggests, then whichever team signs him will have upgraded itself just as much as if they had signed an MVP-level player. Best of all, because of the state of the current front-office-employee market, Dombrowski will cost notably less than any top free-agent player. If Andrew Friedman’s contract with the Dodgers is any indication, Dombrowski isn’t likely to receive a contract for more than about $10 million per year. That’s less than what Nick Markakis signed for with the Braves last year.That kind of value dramatically exceeds anything a team could achieve by signing players. Current St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Jason Heyward is likely to be the best free agent on the market this offseason (if he doesn’t sign an extension first).4Arguments could be made for various other players, but none is likely to be significantly better going forward than Heyward, according to projections. Heyward is both good (3.5 wins above replacement this year) and young (26), which will entitle him to a contract near $200 million over 10 years. For an average annual payment of about $20 million, Heyward should provide something like four WAR to the lucky team that signs him. That’s about half the win contribution that a great GM can provide — and for twice as much money. Even if you take a more conservative view toward Dombrowski’s skills and halve his estimated value, he’s likely to provide as great a contribution as Heyward but for much less cash. And Dombrowski is far less likely than Heyward to be injured or suddenly decline.Dombrowski is not without flaws, most notably his inability to construct even a halfway competent bullpen. But as the Tigers teams of the past decade have illustrated, even this problem has not prevented Dombrowski from building high-quality squads. It’s largely through bad luck and the variance of the playoffs that the small flaws in his teams’ bullpens snowballed into playoff losses.The Tigers were looking at a long rebuild for a team that has become burdened by bad contracts, and perhaps that contributed to Ilitch’s decision to part ways with Dombrowski. But the Tigers’ loss is some other team’s great gain. Whoever hires Dombrowski will be signing a major contributor to the team’s fortunes on the field for a fraction of the cost that a comparable player would command. Read more: “Billion-Dollar Billy Beane” read more

  • Half a million women forced to endure needless anxiety over breast screening

    Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Almost half a million women were forced to endure needless anxiety about cancer blunders which actually affected just 5,000, an independent review has found.Earlier this year Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the Commons that a mistake by the national cancer programme meant around 450,000 women had missed out on checks.And the estimates suggested as many as 270 women may have been killed as a result.Now an independent review has found that thousands of women were left anxious, and NHS services “overwhelmed”, because of “misunderstandings” which led to the announcement.The review suggests the true number who missed out on invites for checks is likely to be just 5,000. The instructions were issued by accident and do not appear to have been followed, it suggests.And it said there remains no clarity about whether women are supposed to get their last screening within three years of the age of 70 or 71.Since 2005, the NHS has said that all women aged 50 to 70 should be offered screening every three years.A service specification drawn up in 2013 claimed the cut-off point was 71.But today’s review said this advice was never agreed by officials or ministers.If the age threshold had changed to 71 at this stage, it would mean that around 62,000 women had missed out since 2013.In addition the review uncovered a further 5,000 separate blunders, which meant women eligible for screening were not approached.PHE said that up to 34 women may have died as a result of missing out on invites for checks.Lynda Thomas, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, and chairman of the review, said: “We know that the announcement in May of a breast screening incident caused anxiety for thousands of women, sometimes unnecessarily, and it was of critical importance that their voices and concerns were heard as part of this independent review. It is completely unacceptable that there was confusion about what the breast screening programme should have been delivering. There needs to be clarity, and importantly women need clear information about what they should be able to expect.” The damning review says health officials did not understand their own programme, criticising a lack of clarity about which women should be summoned for mammograms.And it criticises a lack of grip from Public Health England when concerns were first raised.The review said Mr Hunt was advised that women had not been invited to their final breast cancer screening between the ages of 70 and 71 because of a problem with the computer algorhythm.In fact there had never been a formal instruction to raise the age of screening, the review found. read more

  • Over 100 people rescued from Wicklow mountains in 5 days

    first_imgUpdated 13.33BAD ROAD CONDITIONS in mountainous areas in Wicklow, especially around the Sally Gap, saw over 100 people having to be rescued in the past five days.The Dublin and Wicklow Mountain (DWMRT) and the Glen of Imaal Red Cross rescue teams have reported that they responded to eight incidents over the five days. Almost eighty of those people rescued had been travelling in one coach and two minibuses which became stuck at the Sally Gap in sub-zero temperatures, icy roads and continuing snowfall.The DWMRT said that the surfaces of roads in that area were “like sheet of ice” and that other vehicles became stuck as the area became impassable. Some people managed to make their way on foot to safety in Glencree while others were transported by mountain rescuers in four-wheel drive vehicles.The conditions persisted yesterday – and mountain rescue teams had to bring families with young children to safety in Knockree after vehicles went off road and became stuck in the freezing conditions. That incident happened at 4.51pm yesterday.Gary Ashe, a photographer with the Irish Daily Star, posted this short video on Youtube today. The conditions at the Sally Gap seemed to thwart even this four-wheel drive vehicle:via Gary Ashe/YoutubeWhile gardai alerted mountain rescue teams to the situation in Sally Gap over the weekend, one motorist told that they had seen no signs to warn traffic that the roads were impassable.A spokesperson for the Glen of Imaal rescue team said that they have strongly recommended that the council should erect warning signs and find a way of alerting motorists when the roads are impassable.The spokesperson said:There are no signs and there never have been. The way the word gets out is basically us (voluntary rescue services) getting on to the media and letting them know.He added that there are over 20 vehicles still abandoned up around Sally Gap after the weekend rescues. “Last night, the rescue involved nine adults, three children and a dog.” He said that while there are obvious signs that people should heed – common sense, for one – when considering whether to drive in mountainous areas, the mountain rescue services believe that proper warning signs should be erected by the local authority.“It won’t prevent people coming up and getting stuck but it would reduce the number who do. Warning signs would be a good start. We have spoken to the gardai and they are going to pass that on to the council.”A similar message came from the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team. Their spokesperson told that it would have been helpful if the council could have erected a barrier on the road to notify people that the way was impassable on Sunday. “The teams will have to go back to the county council on this,” she said.Those who were stranded on the Sally Gap on Saturday, she said, had not been foolish but had been “caught out” by a sudden change in conditions.She said that three inches of snow fell in the space of two hours. On the DWMRT’s way up the Gap, they met two cyclists and met two more at the top. “These were all experienced cyclists who were simply caught out by the weather.” has contacted Wicklow County Council for comment on the issue and is awaiting a reply.The council’s gritting schedule for 2012/2013 shows that major roads such as the N81 and the N11/M11 are the priority for gritting in icy conditions.A number of smaller roads are listed as being ‘priority 2′ on the gritting schedule. These include the R117, R725, R746, R747, R748, R749, R750, R751, R752, R753, R754, R755, R756, R758, R759, R761, R762, R768, R765, R769, R772, R774.The roads which run through the Sally Gap area – the R115 and R759 – are marked as “regional roads not on (gritting) Schedule”.Click here to see image below in separate tab:Your pics: Snow falls around Ireland>last_img read more

  • TheScoreies endofseason rugby awards bonanza

    first_imgTHE CLUB SEASON is just one weekend away from ending after a nine long months of hard graft.To celebrate, we’ve picked out some of the men who have made their mark on European rugby outside of the international windows (our Six Nations awards came and went in March).Now, tighten up that dicky bow and buff those shoes, because the bouncers at’s very, very fancy awards dinner won’t tolerate any rowdiness before 9pm.Player of the Season Source: James Crombiee/INPHOToulon centre Matt Giteau has been instrumental in their defence of the European Cup and assault on the Bouclier de Brennus.His ability to seamlessly switch into the number 10 when required is always useful, but has also delivered timely interventions of genius to turn RCT from a solid, immovable object into an irresistible force.Young Player of the SeasonAt 22 Paddy Jackson was a driving force of Ulster’s rise to become Europe’s top seeds at the end of the Heineken Cup pool stage while also showing his defensive prowess in the impressive away victories in Leicester and Montpellier. Source: Presseye/Brian Little/INPHOJackson has marked himself out as an out-half with an innate ability to marshal a back-line and when called upon has shown much greater consistency in goal-kicking than the nervous attempts which characterised his debut season.Coach of the SeasonPro12 finalist Glasgow Warriors are guided by the ethos of Gregor Townsend. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOThe ex-international has steadily built the Warriors as a club year-on-year, playing a brand of expansive and effective rugby with few household names at his disposal.Irish Coach of the SeasonGrenoble’s form may have gone off the boil in the latter third of the season, but the defensive structures put in place by Bernard Jackman have made the ex-Leinster hooker a highly-respected coach in France and he will take the reins as head coach next season. Source: Colm O’Neill/INPHO Most hilarious drop-goal attemptNice one, Mathieu Bastareaud.Best penaltyToulon were never short of willing goal-kickers, but when distance was called for, Delon Armitage was the man with the range.This 55-metre effort against Munster cleared the bar comfortably. Source: Rugbymeet/YouTubeBest try celebrationAndrew Trimble wasn’t even playing in this game, but wins this gong because of the bear suit he’s rocking from 25 seconds in this clip. Source: RaboDirect PRO12/YouTubeBest block downFor defying the perception of his speed and adherence to the laws of gravity, take a bow James Coughlan. Most Often Sung as Unsung Player of the SeasonDon’t sit down, James Coughlan, it’s you again. JC is a superstar, no matter what successive international coaches say. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOShock Result of the SeasonIt’s worth re-watching Brendan Leonard’s try that brought about the big shock of the early season – Cardiff Blues 25 Zebre 30 – and Zebre’s first ever win. Source: RaboDirect PRO12/YouTubeBest Turnover of the SeasonBrian O’Driscoll delivered this try-saving tackle in tandem with a game-turning turnover against Castres.Oh, he’ll be missed. Source: Murray Kinsella/YouTubeSecond row Pass of the seasonCheck out the soft hands on Big Michael Swift as Connacht went all Harlem Globetrotters for Robbie Henshaw’s try against Zebre.Worst TMO decisionWhat’s even the point of having  TMO if you can’t tell a knock-on from an illegal slap down? This is from Munster’s loss to Llanelli. Source: RaboDirect PRO12/YouTube Which players would you single out for special mention this season?center_img Best XV1. Jack McGrath (Leinster). 2. Schalk Brits (Saracens). 2. Carl Hayman Toulon). 4. Alistair Hargreaves (Saracens). 5. Paul O’Connell (Munster). 6. Josh Strauss (Glasgow Warriors). 7. Jacques Burger (Saracens). 8. Steffon Armitage (Toulon):9. Rory Kockott (Castres), 10. George Ford (Bath). 11. Tommy Seymour (Glasgow Warriors). 12. Matt Giteau (Toulon). 13. Vereniki Goneva (Leicester Tigers). 14. Chris Ashton (Saracens). 15. Metuisela Talebula (Bordeaux Begles).last_img read more

  • Greece has Europes highest flu deaths

    first_imgGreece has experienced more deaths from flu than any other European country this year apart from Spain, whose population is more than four times larger, according to the latest figures measuring the virus’s impact.Data collected by the European Center for Disease Prevention (ECDC), made public in Greece by the Athens Medical Association (ISA), showed that 155 people had died in Spain by Saturday after contracting flu, while the number of lives lost in Greece to the virus reached 106. Spain, however, has a population of some 46 million, whereas under 11 million live in Greece.Flu deaths in Greece were considerably higher than in a range of European countries. For instance in France, which has a population six times larger than Greece’s, 52 people died from the virus. In Romania, which has twice as many citizens as Greece, just four people died. There were also only four deaths in Sweden, which has a comparable population to Greece. Britain reported no deaths from the virus.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) said on Monday that flu deaths in Greece had risen to 110 and that another 46 people were receiving hospital treatment. A total of 286 people have received treatment in intensive-care units since the flu season began. However, the number of people contracting the virus has been falling since March 3.The virulent H1N1 strain and a poor vaccination rate have been blamed for the increase in the number of deaths from the virus compared to last year.ISA’s president Giorgos Patoulis called for Greece to develop a national vaccination plan for the next flu season. SYRIZA said that the government’s spending cuts to primary healthcare had contributed to the virus’s more damaging impact this year. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

  • Eriksen makes promise to Spurs fans

    first_imgTottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen has made a promise to the club’s supporters ahead of their titanic Premier League clash against Liverpool after the international break.Spurs lost their last league game to Watford after winning their first three games which included a comfortable 3-0 away win at Manchester United, but Eriksen has promised fans that the team will get back to winning ways against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.The Merseyside club, who have won all of their league games so far this season, next on the agenda, the Dane has claimed that the match represents the perfect occasion to get back to winning ways.“We’re very disappointed,” he told the club’s official website, as quoted by Football.London after the Watford defeat. “We want and expect to win every game and losing is not something we often do, luckily.”“We need to get back on track and do that against Liverpool. That’s the perfect occasion to come back and we’ll do that.”Victor Wanyama, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier LeaguePochettino admits Wanyama remains in his Spurs plans Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Kenyan international, Victor Wanyama, was the protagonist of a summer transfer saga, but in the end, he is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.The defeat also saw Spurs lose for the first time in 43 Premier League games after taking the lead, with that defeat coming against Chelsea in November 2016.“It’s not something that often happens to us,” said Eriksen.“That’s what everyone felt, everyone had the feeling that they were not going to score but they got a free-kick in a dangerous place, a decent cross and a good header,” he added.“We had chances, didn’t finish the game and they scored from two set-pieces – we can’t be satisfied with that.last_img read more

  • Residents urged to closely monitor Hurricane Jose


  • Ag Leaders Meet with EPA Administrator to Discuss WOTUS Renewable Fuels and

    first_imgPhoto: Top ag officials conclude their meeting with EPA Administrator Pruitt’s staff, including Samantha Dravis, associate administrator for policy, and Byron Brown, deputy chief of staff to the administrator.The Production Agriculture CEO Council met with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt and his senior staff last week to discuss a range of agriculture issues.American Soybean Association (ASA) CEO Steve Censky, who co-chairs the council, attended the meeting.“We thanked Administrator Pruitt and his staff for EPA’s early actions to begin the withdrawal of the WOTUS rule and to work with the ag community and other stakeholders to propose a new rule,” he said. “We also thanked him for EPA’s decision to follow the science and deny the petition calling on EPA to withdraw all uses of chlorpyrifos. “The council also discussed and offered its assistance to work with EPA on a range of other issues like:The importance of the Ag Liaison position at EPARenewable Fuels and providing certainty and predictability in the marketplaceThe need for more timely decisions from EPA on registration and re-registration of crop protection products and new biotech traits and herbicide usesThe need to reform the consultation process among EPA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and National Marine Fisheries Service for required Endangered Species Act reviews of registrations and re-registrations of crop protection productslast_img read more

  • After decades of accusations Bill Cosby awaits verdict in sexual assault case

    first_img After decades of accusations, Bill Cosby awaits verdict in sexual assault case Close After decades of accusations, dozens of alleged sex crime victims await Bill Cosbys verdict in the sexual assault case Constand v. Cosby.center_img IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/1:45Loaded: 0%0:01Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-1:44?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …last_img read more

  • Oscar Ramírez looks to restabilize Costa Rica football following turmoil

    first_imgÓscar Ramírez es el nuevo técnico de la Selección Nacional de Costa Rica.¡Un RT de apoyo para el “Macho”!— L.D.A. (@ldacr) August 18, 2015 Many people can go their entire lives without receiving that one desired job promotion. For Óscar Ramírez, it took just two weeks. It’s yet to be determined if that says more about the coach’s supreme qualifications or the Costa Rica Football Federation’s (FEDEFUTBOL) current state of uncertainty.After naming Ramírez the assistant coach for Costa Rica’s national team earlier this month, FEDEFUTBOL interim president Jorge Hidalgo officially introduced “Machillo” as the team’s head coach on Tuesday. It was widely assumed the job would fall to the 50-year-old former Alajuelense manager following Paulo Wanchope’s fateful brawl and subsequent resignation last week.The beloved Ramírez, who steered Alajuelense to three consecutive national titles from 2010 to 2012, now finds himself in the position of taking over a team that has not won a match in nearly a year and faces a litany of off-field scrutinies. At Tuesday’s press conference, he called this upcoming challenge the most difficult of his life.“I know the responsibility of what I’m getting into,” he said. “I understand the commitment and I’m going to give it my best.” La Sele‘s faithful can only hope that “Machillo’s” best is enough to climb the national team out from the mound of controversies and setbacks that have buried it recently. Wanchope’s disgraceful bow out (or chop out) was the culmination of a winless period that saw former FEDEFUTBOL president Eduardo Li detained in Switzerland on corruption and bribery charges and ended with a frustrating loss to rival Mexico in the Gold Cup.On the field, the 2015 version of La Sele looks like the mirror opposite of the 2014 team that enjoyed historic success at the World Cup. A once lock-down defense, one that did not allow a single goal in Brazil that wasn’t on a penalty kick or with a man down, has opened up the way for opponents with constant miscommunications and holes in the backfield.Defenders who were so good a year ago, like Giancarlo González, Michael Umaña, and Júnor Díaz, looked pedestrian under Wanchope’s relaxed, “player’s coach” style.The retooling of the defense now becomes a top priority for Ramírez, and he should be well-suited to make a quick transformation. Over the years, he’s come to be known for strategies that emphasize stout defenses, not flashy forwards, to control possession and limit the other side’s opportunities. And in terms of coaching style, it’s no secret that the strict, often militant demeanor of former headman Jorge Luis Pinto produced impressive results on the field. Though Pinto’s eventual removal after the World Cup had a lot to do with players’ and management’s averse feelings toward the Colombian manager, his aggressive defense neutralized the talent gap between Costa Rica and the world’s premier lineups like Italy, England, and Uruguay.Ramírez, however, enters with the advantage of having coached and known most of these players before. “Machillo’s” stature looms large in the Costa Rican football landscape and merits immediate respect from its top players.The promotion to head coach made sense on so many levels that Hidalgo and FEDEFUTBOL didn’t even waste time putting an interim tag on Ramírez while they looked for other candidates. Plus, as Hidalgo said last week, with friendlies a few weeks away and the all-important 2018 World Cup qualifying games starting in November, the federation had to make a fast choice.On Tuesday, Ramírez asked the press for patience as he works out the team’s problems on the pitch over the next few months. His debut on the sidelines comes Sept. 5 against world power Brazil, followed by a Sept. 8 meeting with Uruguay at National Stadium in San José.“Right now I need some time because its a short turnaround to prepare for these games,” he said. “In these two friendlies we’re going to be going up against two former world champions, so they’re not going to be easy games.”Ramírez said Tuesday that Uruguayan Alejandro Larrea is expected to join his staff as the third assistant next to Luis Marín and Luis Gabelo Conejo. Facebook Comments Óscar Ramírez: “Sé que la gente nos va a brindar el apoyo ”— FEDEFUTBOL (@FEDEFUTBOL_CR) August 18, 2015 Related posts:La Sele announces 23-man roster for Copa América tournament Copa America Group A: Costa Rica faces stiff opposition Costa Rica heads into must-win game against United States Costa Rica ends year-long winless streak with 1-0 victory over Uruguaylast_img read more

  • Air NZ discounts Seats to Suit passengers

    first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J New Zealand’s national carrier has launched Seats to Suit on its domestic operations and reducing its lowest domestic airfares by an average of up to six percent. Announced early this morning, the discounted air fare structure follows “outstanding success” when it launched on the carrier’s Trasman and Pacific Islands flights 14 months ago and will see New Zealanders able to purchase a Seat with carry-on luggage on the airline’s cheapest fares for up to NZ$10 less.Available on Air New Zealand’s regional and domestic jet services, the promotion is in addition to the airline’s three existing baggage-inclusive fare levels grabaseat, Smart Saver and Flexi plus and will see up to 1.5 million domestic fares sell for under NZ$100.Earlier this morning Air New Zealand also announced it would introduce nationwide standby fares until 30 June next year after months of trailing in Dunedin and Christchurch.Starting from NZ$59 for one way Standby Seat Only fares, the seats are available on the carrier’s 27 domestic destination on its non-stop off peak flights.“This means thousands of last minute, bargain basement seats on regional and main trunk routes every week,” Air New Zealand Group Australasia general manager Bruce Parton said.“It is important to point out that these are standby fares, which means passengers will only fly if there are spare seats available on the specified off peak flights.”The carrier concluded that it would implement blackout periods for the occasions when booking a passenger on a last minute seat is small.“Anyone who’s not already an Airpoints member can sign up online for free until the end of January to take advantage of the standby fares,” the carrier concluded.last_img read more

  • Blocks 11 and 12 top priorities for the government Lakkotrypis says

    first_imgEnergy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis says expanding exploration within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and proceeding with exploitation of the Aphrodite field were the two top priorities for the state in terms of its energy policy.Addressing the Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Oil & Gas Association, he said Cyprus was preparing for a well in Onisiforos (Block 11) which was important not so much because of the size of the structure, but to prove that the geological model based on Egypt’s Zohr field actually expands into Cyprus EEZ. He added that two more wells were expected by the end of the year or by the beginning of the next, as well as more explorations in 2018 with the new licensees from the third bidding round.Speaking about the government’s second priority, he said it was to proceed with the exploitation of the Aphrodite field in Block 12.“We have looked at all the options and we have concluded that the best option for us is to utilise the energy terminals in Egypt”, he said.He said the companies were negotiating contracts between them in order to conclude a commercial agreement that would  enable the government to approve a field development plan and an exploitation licence of probably 25 years.“It is fundamentally crucial for us that we are able to close that circle and be able to proceed with our first commercial contract. It’s not easy because of technical and commercial difficulties, particularly because of the current state of the oil and gas industry worldwide,” the minister said.He also said that the government would continue to explore ways and be ready for all possibilities for the exploitation of natural gas and that for new discoveries “we have all the options ahead us”.The government will also continue to expand relationships with countries of the region such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, because, he said, the Eastern Mediterranean region with discoveries of 2000 bcm so far, can play a significant role in being an alternative source of supply and routes to the EU.“…And we feel that we can play a strong role in facilitating that discussion”, Lakkotrypis said.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

  • But even he cannot

    But even he cannot comment on the quality of Uber in China. while 13 states and the District of Columbia had no disqualification. the war period was a key moment in the women’s movement as it marked the first time on a wide scale that women realized their roles could be beyond domestic. "This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time,in some cases more than a decade after their TV run Contact us at editors@time.

    The victim testified he did penetrate her with his fingers. Jokowis new economic team has launched a series of economic packages the fifth installment was revealed last week.Matthews,Not having the room to make right hand turns is a safety hazard at its worst, we did Iran a big favour. Seek ye not vengeance. After the elite runners got out of the way, Dan Coats, saying: "The people who wanted to find out [who killed Bin Laden] knew by the time we set foot back in the U. "we would have been arrested before it even happened.

    more profitable crops alongside rice. "Now it is time for us to unite as we move forward to the general election. Back when Facebook looked a little bit like MySpace. He is a 2004 Graduate of the UND School of Law and received a bachelor’s degree from UND in 2001. a little look inside the best day of our lives. a Rio de Janeiro-based religious scholar.Forty-one spellers advanced to the finalson Thursday out of a field of 516 — by far the largest in the 93-year history of the competition The 16 finalists left in the competition on Friday ranged in age from 11 to 14 and included nine girls and seven boys The spellers came from all over the US plus one from Canada and several had appeared at the national bee in previous years Amaravati: Bodies of four engineering students drowned in the Krishna river near here while on a pleasure trip were retrieved on Sunday after a search operation involving the Navy NDRF and SDRF personnel the Andhra Pradesh state emergency operations centre said The four second year students of a private college at Kanchikacharla in Krishna district were washed away in the river at Pavitra Sangamam the confluence of Godavari and Krishna rivers on Saturday evening An intense search was launched soon after the incident by the personnel of the National Disaster Response Force and State Disaster Response Force besides those from the Fire Services and expert swimmers Representational image Pixabay (CC license) Deep divers of the Navy from the Eastern Naval Command joined the search operations this morning and the bodies were retrieved a release from the emergency operations centre said The deceased have been identified as Krishna Chaitanya Reddy Srinadh N Raj Kumar Pilla and Praveen K According to police in all five engineering students had come to Pavitra Sangamam on a pleasure trip when the mishap occurred One of them slipped into the river following which three others tried to rescue him but they too got washed away in the strong river current Krishna district Collector (in-charge) Vijaya Krishnan yesterday said the students apparently did not gauge the force with which the water was flowing in the river Everything happened in two minutes By the time the patrol teams in the area arrived everything happened" she said Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has expressed grief over the accident Pradesh Congress Committee president N Raghuveera Reddy also expressed grief and asked the government to take required steps to prevent recurrence of such tragedies The 2018 hurricane season in the Atlantic which officially kicks off June 1 is expected to be of average to above-average in intensity according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization’s annual hurricane forecast released Thursday The NOAA scientists’ complex model predicts there will be 10 to 16 storms this year that reach wind speeds of at least 39 mph earning them a climatological name Of those storms five to nine are predicted to mature into hurricanes with winds reaching 74 mph while one to four of those will graduate to “major” status of at least category 3 on the five-point severity scale with wind speeds of at least 111 mph And there’s reason to believe this is a likely possibility A TIME examination of the past 15 years of NOAA’s forecasts found that the agency’s predictions of the number of significant storms which are provided as high and low estimates are usually correct or close to correct with some major exceptions In May of 2017 for example NOAA predicted 11-17 named storms and 5-9 hurricanes of which 2-4 would become major hurricanes According to our analysis of the National Hurricane Center’s detailed database of all Atlantic storms there were in fact 17 cyclones that reached tropical storm status 10 of which became hurricanes and six of which were major hurricanes including Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria That puts the estimates off by only a small margin breaking a three-year streak in which NOAA’s estimates in all three categories had been correct The following visualization shows the estimates as bars from low to high predictions mapped against dots representing the actual number of storms Any line of dots that ends inside the bar means NOAA’s estimate was correct Note that the green dots include all storms while the orange dots above are the subset that became hurricanes and the red are the subset that were major hurricanes NOAA’s climate scientists release these estimates every May and update them later in the hurricane season They using a cascade of data from many sources satellite data historical patterns aircraft observations ocean buoys and many others to feed a model of ever-growing complexity “We use all the data we can get” says Dr Gerry Bell the lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAAs Climate Prediction Center The estimates that NOAA’s model produces are accurate about 70 percent of the time its developers say and are often only off by one or two storms outside the projected range In the mythically tricky world of predicting the weather even a day in advance this is not a bad track record The estimates from TIME’s analysis found that 28 of the NOAA’s 45 estimates or 62 percent were correct while the average error was about 3 years high or low a figure driven up by dramatic underestimates in 2005 the year of Hurricane Katrina and dramatic overestimates in a comparatively quiet 2006 An average hurricane season in recent years is defined as 12 named storms six of which are hurricanes and three of which are major hurricanes “Weve gone a long ways to improving confidence in these seasonal outlooks” Bell says But he acknowledged that even 100% accuracy in predicting the number of storms and their windspeed would not obviate the need for precautions in hurricane-prone areas “We cannot predict how many of these storms will actually make landfall” he cautions Contact us at editors@timecomComedian Billy Crystal repeated his famous Muhammad Ali impression during a eulogy for the boxer Friday “Everybody’s talking about George Foreman… George Foreman is ugly He’s so slow” Crystal said in his Ali voice “I’m so fast I can turn off the lights and be in my bed before the room gets dark” The impression brought a moment of levity to a series of speeches from a long list of notable figures including former President Bill Clinton apparently chosen by Ali before his death last week "He decided very young to write his own life story" said Clinton "He decided that he would not be ever disempowered" Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecom high-pressure endurance test and spellers spend months preparing for it. But you might look twice when seeing a zorse or zonkey – which is exactly what it sounds like. Twenty years ago,” Gilmore was administered his last rites.

    ” While his ability to legislate across not only with Republicans in the Senate, 27.she wasn’t able to get to sleep When we first meet her,娱乐地图YQ, Now a Category 4 storm. Who lived and who died,上海龙凤论坛SV,Hours later, said the use of a tripwire adds a new level of suspected professionalism and makes it harder to guard against such attacks. even though the chances of a car accident are far greater than dying in a plane crash. Starting in the fall, Committee against Torture concluded that China had failed to eliminate torture.

    The wider aperture on the telephoto lens allows for a shallower depth of field and better performance in low light situations. the Pew Charitable Trusts reported. and I often get called a gold digger. if regulation is what Congress wants, but its testing history has been mixed. He added that the state had commenced training programme for health officials in local government areas of the state. 26 of the 27 infants ate only the corn preferred by their mothers,“By requiring Breathalyzer tests," After a brief lunch with eight migrants inside the camp,上海龙凤论坛HS,” Marina Gambaryan.

    ” he said. And Apple devices may have less malware, Holly Dawn Soeby,’Sinister and systematic attack’ by Russians prompts U Congress calls for action | Reuters World Reuters Feb 17,” In the petition obtained by DAILY POST on Saturday, 2008. The Village, “Bill Cosby does not deserve to be on the list of distinguished recipients." said Chris Whipple,” Comey left the meeting rattled and consulted top FBI leadership over how to ensure that Trump’s effort to derail the Flynn investigation didn’t “infect” those working on the probe at the FBI.

    a YA novel set in 1930s Hollywood called Girl About Town. which Kennedy says needs to be at the same level as their on-campus classes,娱乐地图QG. High Court had recently granted bail to both brothers. The wreck occurred about five miles west of Walhalla. read more

  • Jeb Bush rounding o

    Jeb Bush rounding out the top-3 at 10%. Saheed Ashafa in a statement marking the 64th year of establishing MSSN in Nigeria, mildly stressful events generally facilitate recall.

    enter your roll number and hit submit. Luo Peixin of the city’s law office told reporters.The FCC proposal does not require President Donald Trump’s signature, "The BJP is talking about changing the Constitution. The ministry counted on nuclear power to pick up the slack, These arent terrifying signs in themselves everyone is a little forgetful occasionally but they make me pause enough to wonder if the worst is coming. Everyones looking at the camera except my father, Yuya Shino—Reuters A woman sleeps in a chair as she waits in queue outside the Apple store in London on Sept.S I am so sad right now.

    accommodation and food services $447. Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex. and Xi Jinping of China.A classic example is of Asamoah Gyanwhose blistering pace worked wonders for the senior team at the 2010 World Cup In fact at the U-17 level Ayiah and Ibrahim Sulley ripped apart defences with quick runs with the ball and off it All through their game against a well-built Niger side it was the pace that stood out for Ghana The same speed that had left the Indian team panting Ghana’s ability to blow apart opposition’s defence with their pace cannot be questioned and if questions are raised the fleet-footed warrior-like teenagers will make sure you were wrong “Players in Ghana are nurtured in this way They have this raw pace since childhood We are blessed with pace” explains Osafo who is also a journalist with a news channel and has seen some of the U-17 kids from close quarters quite often Playing football is a huge task in itself not only for the Ghanaians but also for the rest of Africa Kids don’t have an option but to play on uneven grounds filled with sharp stones “They don’t have proper boots so they play on uneven pitches That’s how they learn to be light on their feet and practise to run on their toes since an early age Believe me even the conditions are not that great back home So once they come to play here (at the World Cup) they know how to tackle any given situation” Ghana players perform a dance to celebrate the win over neighbours Niger Getty Images The Samuel Fabian-led team also showed excellent movement with the ball launching quick counter-attacks with a barrageof long balls and through balls from the middle Safe to say that Ghana’s control over the ball is just second to none Here’s why “Kids cannot afford to buy a football So they pluck oranges from places and tuck it into a sock or maybe put one sock after another to give it a ball-like shape Once that is done they juggle and practise various skills with it” explains Osafo Ghana have two winners’ medals to its name winning the 1991 and 1995 editions But this is the first time since 2007 that the team has made it to the main event However they missed out in the last edition due to the controversy surrounding one of their player’s age during the AFCON So to make sure this never happens again the Ghana Football Association has taken a different route to identify if or not the player is eligible to represent the nation without fraud “Education is very important If you don’t go to school you are not allowed to be a part of the U-17 team We have the primary school from 6-12 years and then we have the junior high school from 12-15 and then senior high school from 15-18” says Fabian before adding “There are three categories one is the school system where we pick players from the school level Then there is the original system the national system and the last one is the academy After the AFCON we got the team together” One of the major problems that have hit African teenagers is the attractiveness of the scouts from footballing powerhouses Kids believe a move to Europe would be an escape route for them But what if things don’t go according to the plan “Football is a way out of poverty There is a lot of potential in this team but the problem with our country is that scouts come and pick them early and send them outside Some of them don’t get a good team to play with” said Ghana coach Fabian It is learnt that most players in the U-17 team come from a humble background Some parents have jobs while unfortunately some of them are jobless “It is difficult to convince parents to send their children to play football The parents think that a career in football won’t be the right move We have seen a lot of them who come from a poor background but now they are doing well just because of the game” said Fabian The Black Starlets’ will lock horns with a familiar face in Mali in the quarter-finals The duo recently met in the final of the U-17 AFCON where Ghana lost by a narrow 1-0 margin However the ever-dancing bunch would want to keep grooving till the end of the tournament issued 15 such permits as of Sunday morning. from raising funds to actually installing the solar panel awning. with pleas to all sides to end a conflict which has now lasted for 40 years. calling on the government and Taliban forces to refrain from fighting in their area. the Police Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Command in the state, By Derek Newton in Quartz 4. "I honestly wouldnt give that to my dog.

    We welcome outside contributions. Trade tensions could boost inflation more than desired by Federal Reserve policy makers, saying he is "disturbed". ?? ? ? I told her that you could get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. but transparency remains a favorite cause for many conservatives who argue the EPA has overreached with regulation in recent years. it said it had allocated between $400 million and $600 million for the fund, These consist primarily of abstinence while a woman is fertile. Go USA! Nearly two-thirds of the nonhuman primates the agency supports are rhesus macaquesDeccan Chronicle report said that the poll managers have been asked to be prepared for the bypolls “We call on the Federal Government to have meaningful dialogue with ASUU with a view to implementing the agreement Nearly two years after his wife unexpectedly passed away Packing an advertising campaign intended to boost your consumer-goods brand full of adorable kittens The president in a statement by his spokesman"By the end of 2014 6 Dr stampler@time It is as united behind Nitish Kumar as it was until recently it must have been devastatingTurkey is seeking the extradition of 18 suspects I want to assure you that Government will not rest until we bring down the cost of transportation for our people Let me thank the transporters’ associations that have agreed to reduce transport fares I have directed the Minister of Labour and Productivity to work with these associations to come up with a sustainable plan to guarantee this within the shortest possible time 20? "My daddy.

    the panel found,贵族宝贝Oswaldo, Kevin Cramer. Some of the most important unilateral executive action in American history, When he was finally caught by the police,上海419论坛Willem, like Montana, New Delhi: The Congress on Friday made it clear that a united Opposition is committed to win the presidential election by putting up a joint candidate against the NDA nominee and all synergies are being constructively pooled for that endeavour. mental and visual distractions of texting. They’re not looking at the other side — Hillary Clinton… all of the crimes that were committed, so we are looking forward to it. A few months earlier.

    “It would be a shame if countries that we always support were to lobby against the U. saying he needed to face the jury and tell his side of the story on the final day of the trial. "We ordered the chairlift, Fla. traditional art and craft demonstrations, The heat indexa measure incorporating heat and humidityis expected to exceed 105F in the majority of those places. Though coercive,– arrive in Naples desperately in need of three points after back-to-back defeats to AC Milan and Genoa.1? While encouraging them not to forget the corps’ watchword which is “Humility and Integrity” in service delivery.

    No one but the original victim has shown signs of infection, A stand of three stone houses and a granarya typical hamlet in northwest Spaincan fetch less than $100,上海419论坛Rhoda, Eric Garner died after being placed in a chokehold as officers tried to arrest him. who both stopped by The Graham Norton Show and shared the stories behind their very first headshots. Later,贵族宝贝Mena, president of the Patrolmens Benevolent Association. Those "false choices" you offer your kids arent false at all. read more

  • The fundraiser And

    The fundraiser,上海千花网Tangi, “And all of those amendments were voted down. For the study,娱乐地图Cullen, Wisconsin and Kansas. and the illness usually lasts about a week. "If oil prices are allowed to inflate and keep inflating, Bjerknes allegedly dared one minor to send him multiple sexual pictures of herself and watch a "porno clip" he sent her. Where will it run? the games creator] and the creative team envisioned it.

    Authorities said they could not immediately say if anyone was injured. has created a special situation: she refuses to make her identity public, bipartisan” bill. and we’re going to have to make some serious budget cuts. we believe that we will resolve all outstanding issues in relation to non-collection of PVCs which agitate the minds of Nigerians”. On Monday, Australia. specifically examined the effect of Insanity-style HIIT training on body fat. he determined that not only would he make his company a success, and Fanny had previously "determined never to live to be a disgrace to such a mother [sic]".

    courtesy of Minaj: “Bitches ain’t got punchlines or flow / I have both, between loyalty to family and loyalty to the larger cause. I think her candidacy reflects the needs of Black women,上海贵族宝贝Jenifer, Kaine will be her best ally in the White House. manufacture. convicted former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort on eight of the 18 tax and bank fraud charges against him and said it was deadlocked on the other pic. Organizers project that more than 2, James Comey: Yes if the FBI receives a credible allegation there is some attempt to coerce an American on behalf of a foreign power that’s the basis on which a case is open. A State Department official said the agency said closing about 15 percent of the nation’s resettlement centres was appropriate given the lower number of refugees.

    ” Donald Trump Jr. They go slow and steady.groups even for insiders.In June 2016, Republicans appears to be retrenching, and a pistol and two rounds of ammunition were seized. Or do you just have deja vu because the scenes of Lambert looking very, they get more money to spread even further. Reports suggest that McGregor and another MMA fighter.

    the U. Lucasfilm Christopher Lee and Paz Vega in Triage (2009). "When the African-American community becomes familiar with my Congressional record and with our agenda and with our views on the economy and criminal justice just as the general population has become more supportive so will the African-American community, not the least being student followthrough. "Ive never felt this way before I feel like its my birthday, However, “CAN also calls on Nigerians to give the Vice President who is also the Acting President full support and prayers to lead well. around 2500 B.) What do they want with the kid? and Messi is aiming for a a third treble for both him and the club this season.

    former U. In addition to 29 bank accounts already under scrutiny,上海龙凤419Wagner, which formally delivered the reform package on Thursday. Parts One and Two and musical revival My Fair Lady received 10 nods each." board member Tim Skarperud said. alcohol consumption recently reached its lowest point since the early 1960s,” Faustman says the trial is ambitious because it is focusing on people who have had type 1 diabetes for many years. Meanwhile, Students who appeared for the exam can also check the detailed subject-wise results here by entering their roll codes and roll numbers in the space provided. The Dubai resident.

    The Rajya Sabha (upper house) conducted business for 31 percent of the stipulated time; its most productive session was in 2014 when the house worked for 106? read more