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  • Team honours Colten Boushie Humboldt Broncos at Aboriginal hockey championships

    first_imgSYDNEY, N.S. – A Saskatchewan team playing in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in Nova Scotia this week is holding two special tributes during each game.Players for the team are wearing a “CB” sticker on their helmets in honour of Colten Boushie and his family.Boushie, a member of the Red Pheasant First Nation, was fatally shot in August 2016 when he and four others in an SUV drove onto a farm near Biggar, Sask.In March, a jury acquitted 56-year-old Gerald Stanley in Boushie’s death, a verdict that led to protests across the country.Team Saskatchewan is also honouring the Humboldt Broncos hockey team by wrapping themselves in the team’s flag as they say prayers before each game.Ken Thomas, the sport, culture and recreation director for the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations who’s attending the championships, says the bus crash was very hard on the team’s players.“We had a Team Sask. player in 2015 that played … at NAHC [on the bus], so it hit the teams pretty hard here,” he said Wednesday.The Broncos were on their way to a playoff game on April 6 when their bus and a semi collided at an intersection near Tisdale, Sask., killing 16 people and injuring 13 others.The National Aboriginal Hockey Tournament brings together the best 15- and 16-year-old players from across the country.It runs until May 12 at Membertou First Nation near Sydney, Nova Scotia. (CKBI)last_img read more


  • Sri Lanka condemns terrorist attack on Indian military base

    At least 17 Indian troopers were killed and over 20 others wounded Sunday in a suicide attack on an Indian military base near Line of Control (LoC) dividing Kashmir, the Xinhua news agency reported. The Sri Lankan Government today strongly condemned the terrorist attack on an Indian military base in Kashmir in which at least 17 soldiers were killed.The Foreign Ministry said that Sri Lanka, as a country, that has undergone the scourge of terrorism for almost three decades resents all forms and manifestation of terrorism. “In the hour of grief, the government of Sri Lanka offers its condolences to the families of the victims of the attack. The government of Sri Lanka reiterates the urgent need for sustained regional and global cooperation to eliminate the menace of terrorism,” the Foreign Ministry said. Kashmir has been on the boil since the killing of 22-year-old militant commander Burhan Wani by Indian security forces in July. More than 80 people have been killed and over 10,000 others injured in violence in the aftermath of the killing.This is also the second major terror attack at a defense base in northern India, the first being in January this year when some six terrorists entered the high security Pathankot air base in Punjab and opened fire, killing seven military personnel. (Colombo Gazette) read more

  • Security Council hails commitment to peace talks by Chad Central African Republic

    Reading a statement to the press, the current Council President, Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sablière of France, said the members noted the commitment by both countries to implement fully and without delay all the provisions of the agreement signed in the Gabonese capital, Libreville, under the auspices of President El Hadj Omar Bongo.Council members also recalled their opposition to any attempt to seize power by force in the Central African Republic. They noted their satisfaction with President Patassé’s appeal for a national dialogue in his statement of 25 November and welcomed the recent establishment of the national dialogue coordination committee.The statement also welcomed the tabling of a bill on freedom of the press. Council members encouraged the Central African authorities to create the conditions for a comprehensive and all-inclusive dialogue, and requested Secretary-General Kofi Annan to continue providing support and assistance in this area.According to Ambassador de La Sablière, Council members reiterated their total support for the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Central African Republic, Gen. Lamine Cissé, and for his work as head of the UN Peace-building Support Office in the country (BONUCA). “They also expressed their continued interest in the human rights situation the Central African Republic and also their support for the activities of BONUCA, in this respect,” the Council President added.Council members welcomed the ongoing deployment of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) force under the leadership of Gabon, and with the logistical and financial support of France. They paid tribute to the members of CEMAC for their efforts and called upon all Member States to provide financial or logistical support to the force.Earlier today, in a briefing to the Council, General Cissé presented the Secretary-General’s latest progress report on the situation in Central African Republic. read more

  • ANDRITZ mining filter press installed successfully at Indian iron ore operation

    first_img“The new mining filter press developed by ANDRITZ exactly meets the specific challenges related to dewatering iron ore. Further improvements have been made in order to ensure reliable operation and maximum performance. After the iron ore has been washed out and impurities have been removed, the ANDRITZ filter press ensures maximum dewatering of the filter cake. The newly developed feed shoe design optimises and improves the machine’s performance for iron ore compared to the standard rectangular design, with measurable improvements for the client.”“With the new mining filter press, we have an additional proven and innovative product for the mining and minerals industry alongside hyperbaric filters, vacuum belt filters, and the regular filter presses for iron ore concentrate dewatering. This has resulted in an optimised, reliable solution that will further boost our reputation as leading separation specialists,” concludes Robert Stantish, Managing Director of ANDRITZ Separation India. International technology group ANDRITZ has recently successfully started up its newly developed mining filter press for the iron ore industry at Jagannath Steel in India, thus it says “once again demonstrating its comprehensive know-how and capabilities in dewatering solutions for the mining and minerals industry.”last_img read more

  • I feel so safe in Ireland but as an undocumented migrant I

    first_imgMIGRANT GROUPS IN Ireland have said that calls for immigration reform in the US to help the undocumented Irish must be matched by a commitment to deliver the same for migrants “living in limbo” in Ireland.Today the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) warned that the” failure by successive governments to honour past commitments has left too many migrants and their families caught in a similar situation” to the undocumented in the US.Similarly, the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) said the government’s silence on the “identical plight of undocumented workers, families and children here in Ireland is deafening”.“We are just like the undocumented Irish across the globe,” said Jayson Montenegro, spokesperson for the Justice for Undocumented campaign. “We too are deeply rooted within our communities, working, paying taxes and trying to make a better life for ourselves and our families. Ireland is our home. Many members however live in the shadows under stress and fear of deportation, not able to go home to see family and loved ones.”‘I consider myself Irish’It is estimated that there are 26,000 to 30,000 undocumented people living in Ireland.Priya from Mauritius has lived in Ireland for over five years and is a member of Justice for the Undocumented. She said: At this stage I consider myself Irish. I have two children who go to school here and they don’t know any other life. They are the invisible and unrecognised Irish. As a woman and a mother I feel so safe in Ireland, but as an undocumented migrant I fear for my future. This weekend is very special to us as a family. I have time off and we plan to attend and enjoy the Dublin parade. We go every year and I love the spectacle and the music. I will of course be wearing green.ICI said it hopes legal reforms expected in a new bill before the end of the year will ensure that people have access to a modern, efficient and transparent immigration system. It said key priorities in this legislation should include the introduction of an independent appeals mechanism, clear guidelines and regulations, the right to family unification once conditions are met and the introduction of procedures for stateless persons.It is also calling for proper protections for victims of human trafficking including the introduction of residence permit where their stay is necessary owing to their personal situation.Over-reliance on discretion“As an independent law centre we see at first hand the confusion, frustration and hurt caused by an immigration system which is cumbersome, lacks transparency and places an over-reliance on discretion,” commented senior solicitor with the council Hilkka Becker.She said protections need to be provided to legally resident migrants and Irish citizens who are financially or otherwise dependent on their non-EU national spouse or partner and need them to remain in the country or join them here.Becker also said that more favourable provisions need to be introduced to allow for the consideration of the situation of single parents, victims of domestic violence, and those left alone as a result of the death of their spouse or partner.Government ministers will spend this weekend lobbying politicians in the US on behalf of the undocumented Irish, as they join St Patrick’s celebrations in the country.Read: Woman ‘forced to drop rape charges’ so she could stay in the country>Read: Joan Burton has no plans for UK-style crackdown on welfare for jobless immigrants>last_img read more

  • College licenses revoked

    first_imgEducation Minister Anna Diamantopoulou last week called for the 33 operating licenses granted to private colleges under the previous conservative government to be revoked, even as the European Commission threatens to impose huge fines on Greece for failing to grant the same professional rights to graduates of such colleges as their counterparts at state universities.Diamantopoulou revoked the 33 licenses, after the State Legal Council questioned the legality of the process by which the licenses had been granted by her predecessor Aris Spiliotopoulos.Diamantopoulou, who has called for the colleges’ applications for operating licenses to be reviewed, is due for talks with EC officials aimed at averting more than 600,000 euros in fines and at securing the Greek government the right to monitor the quality of teaching.These claims are unlikely to go down well in Brussels, which demands that EU-member states grant equal rights to graduates of foreign colleges, basically branches of foreign universities operating as franchises. The move by the ministry fuelled anger in the private college sector. “The minister should find those who failed to follow legal procedures. We are entirely within the law” the chairman of the Hellenic Colleges’ Association, Constantinos Karkanias, told Kathimerini. He said his association and its members were planning legal action against the ministry. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

  • The Most Shameless Food Product Placement in Video Games

    first_img Finally, KFC Makes A Colonel Sanders Dating GameKFC Tests Plant-Based Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta If we had our way, we’d do nothing but play video games all day every day. But eventually those pesky bodily needs get in the way, and we have to stop to do things like “sleep” and “eat” and “apply bandages.” But don’t get us wrong. Food is great, too. If only there was a way to make the game-to-food transition easier. What if the games themselves let us know about delicious food worth putting the controller down for?Thanks to the crushing, blood-soaked gears of capitalism, there’s a chance that games you pay money for will still blast you with ads for other products, including food. There’s nothing wrong with games about food. Cooking Mama is a wonderful woman and Iron Chef makes perfect sense as a video game. We’re talking about games chock full of egregious branding that just happens to be for food. Here are the most shameless examples of food product placement in video games.Final Fantasy XV: Cup NoodlesThe most recent and arguably hilarious example, Final Fantasy XV is a massive, sprawling JRPG that took a decade to make and still released a little unfinished. Square Enix hasn’t been shy about how much money the game needs to make to earn back its development costs. To help ease the burden, as well as make the game’s “realistic fantasy” vibe more believable, Noctis and the gang use real-world brands throughout their adventures like Coleman camping equipment and Cup Noodles. In fact, the game stops dead in its tracks for the characters to basically read a commercial about how delicious Cup Noodles are. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s my fantasy right there.Darkened Skye: The Skittles GameDarkened Skye is an insidious bit of product placement disguised as a game. At first, it just seems like a ho-hum, fantasy, action-adventure game. “Tomb Raider-style adventure with Magic” is what it says on the box. But as you play, you realize that all of your magic, from flying to shielding yourself to shooting fireballs to calling down bolts of lightning, is powered by good old-fashioned Skittles™ candy. Those sneaky marketing hacks!Yo! NoidYo! Noid is the Power Rangers or Super Mario Bros. 2 of shameless food promotion video games. In 1990, Capcom, Now Production, and the self-deprecating pizza chain Domino’s took the unsuspecting NES platformer Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru and swapped out the main character with the infamous pizza thief The Noid. We all know we’re supposed to avoid the Noid, but here we must become him to save New York City from green slime or something.Doritos: Dash of DestructionDoritos, Mountain Dew, and Taco Bell form the holy trinity of gamer grub. Just ask Geoff Keighley. So a Doritos video game was as inevitable as the heat death of the universe. In Dash of Destruction, players control a Doritos delivery truck providing precious nacho cheesy chips to the masses as fast as possible while avoiding a deadly T-Rex. This concept, by Mike Borland, was the winning entry in a Doritos contest to design an Xbox 360 game. If you’re going to make a playable ad, you might as well crowdsource it.Sneak KingThe King from Burger King is the best, creepiest humanoid fast food mascot since Mac Tonight or the sexy new Hamburglar. In 2006 he appeared in a trio of branded Burger King games for the Xbox and Xbox 360. PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin’ were generic racing and bumper car games, respectively. Sneak King, however, is a game of the year candidate. In this stealth game, players control the King to sneak up on hungry, unsuspecting citizens and give them Whoppers. Imagine a remake of this running on the Fox Engine, the technology behind Metal Gear Solid V.M. C. KidsEven without its magnificent Moon Man, McDonald’s has a good amount of lore worth exploring in a video game. M. C. Kids is a 1992 NES platformer where two cool kids travel to McDonaldland to retrieve Ronald McDonald’s magic bag. Aside from prominent burgers and fries, that’s not too different from your average game. Later that year, the game got a different junk food brand in Europe when it became Spot: The Cool Adventure. You know, Cool Spot, the 7 Up mascot.Major League Eating: The GameThis downloadable WiiWare game isn’t branded with specific food. It’s branded with the idea of eating as much food as possible for money and glory. Players control real-life professional eaters like Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut, Sonya Thomas, and a bear with fighting game-like controls. It’s the perfect practice for the single-player competitive eating we all do every day. Stay on targetlast_img read more

  • Lukaku 100 ready for Japan match confirms Martinez

    first_imgBelgium boss Roberto Martinez has confirmed Romelu Lukaku is “100 percent” fit to face Japan in their Round of 16 clash of the World CupThe Manchester United forward picked up an ankle injury after scoring back-to-back braces against both Panama and Tunisia in Belgium’s opening two games of the tournament.In light of this, Martinez chose to rest Lukaku as one of nine changes he made in Belgium’s 1-0 win over England on Thursday to secure top spot in Group G.But now the Spaniard has made it abundantly clear that Lukaku will be featuring against Japan at Rostov as the Red Devils look to set-up a quarter-final tie against either Brazil or Mexico.Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.“He trained today and has no problems,” said Martinez, according to MEN.“He’ll be available (to face Japan), 100 percent.”Defensive duo Thomas Vermaelen and captain Vincent Kompany have also been declared fully fit for Monday’s match.last_img read more

  • Biker killed in Wari

    first_imgRoad accident illustration by Prothom AloA motorcyclist was killed as his bike crashed into a roadside pillar in the city’s Wari area early Sunday, reports UNB.The deceased was Jubayer, 25, a resident of Hare Street of Wari.Assistant sub-inspector Baby Ram of Wari police station said Jubayer received injuries when his motorcycle crashed into a road side pillar at Wari Post Office Goli around 1:00am.He was rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries at around 2:00am.last_img read more

  • Balto Mayoral Candidates Offer Dueling Plans for Troubled City

    first_imgSheila Dixon and Nick Mosby (not pictured) say they have a plan to fix Baltimore. (Courtesy photo)Mayoral candidates Sheila Dixon and Nick Mosby announced competing major campaign platforms this week that seek to address essential quality of life issues for Baltimore, a city that was saw riots last April and ended the year with 344 homicides, a near record.On Jan. 4, Dixon released a four point plan to create a safer Baltimore. In an interview with the AFRO, Dixon stressed that she has experience in creating a safer, more livable Baltimore. “We focused on a holistic approach (in contrast to former Mayor O’Malley’s zero tolerance approach to crime). Crime rates started to decrease. Brutality rates were going down. We didn’t tolerate the mentality of officers coming onto the force and ignoring the extensive training they received.” Dixon said.Dixon would require more training for all police officers and work with the anticipated consent decree that will be provided by the US Justice Department as a result of the agency’s current investigation of the Baltimore Police Department. “Whether or not the consent decree comes with funding, we will do what it takes to train our officers to engage 21st Century Community Policing,” Dixon said. “I will enhance the Civilian Review Board and ensure it has the support staff needed to function in an efficient manner.”The Baltimore Police Department’s Civilian Review Board, established by the Maryland General Assembly, is often criticized for being irrelevant and ineffective, in spite of efforts by current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to revitalize the board.Dixon’s approach focuses on detaining the most violent offenders, requiring community policing and extensive training, while developing alternative approaches to restoring non-violent offenders to productive community life and supporting disconnected youth.   Dixon would use local, state and federal data currently available to target violent offenders.  “We know who the violent offenders are” she said.Dixon advocates a collaborative approach to working with the city’s large population of disconnected youth.  “We need to monitor them and work with both youth and their families.  I am not advocating programs that will cost the city more money. We need to maximize the programs that we have. We would evaluate our own city agencies as well as organizations that partner with the city. We would bring in foundation s to help us”, Dixon said. “I have examples of how I have already done this with Promise Heights.” Promise Heights is a US Department of Education Funded program that partners with community and faith-based non-profits in the Druid Hills/Upton Heights neighborhoods.Nick Mosby laid out his vision for the city. (Courtesy Photo)Mosby Focuses on FutureOn Jan. 5, Nick Mosby presented the press with what he called “A 15 Point Plan for Baltimore’s Future.” Speaking from a sidewalk near the corner of Howard and Franklin Streets, the contrasting images of the city’s blight and emerging signs of urban development were striking. “This is one Baltimore and if we come together now more than ever we can be and show the world what true urban revitalization is,” Mosby said. His plan focuses on five major initiatives including, eliminating gaps in the city’s educational system, investing in safe and healthy neighborhoods, economic development and attracting new businesses, a comprehensive transportation plan and enhancing government accountability and transparency.During the press conference, Mosby praised Police Commissioner Kevin Davis for his leadership during the 2015 unrest. “He has been unafraid to go after the bad actors on the police force. But there is no way we can ever return to a year like 2015”, Mosby said. Mosby has pledged to ensure all officers wear body cameras within the first 100 days of his administration, require community policing, and combat addiction.Mosby’s plan would also create universal pre-kindergarten, lower property taxes for all properties and provide livable housing for low-wealth residents, place stiff financial penalties for owners of vacant buildings, overhaul the Baltimore transportation system and expand the Charm City Circulator.Mosby did not provide details on how his plan would be funded or implemented but indicated that “in the coming weeks we will roll out the economics of the plan.”Both candidates focused on Baltimore’s future in discussing their vision for improving the quality of life for city residents.  Dixon focused on her experience with city government and connection with the city’s youth. “Most people understand I know the city and city government. I know how to run city government and I can take this city forward by and with the support of young people who will work with me and who want to see Baltimore succeed,” she said.Mosby, in contrast, pointed to the future. “This election is not about the past, it’s about the future. This election is about new ideas, new energy and a fresh commitment to providing real opportunity for all Baltimoreans and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Mosby said.last_img read more

  • Gottlieb breaks down the Lakers yearone plan for LeBron

    first_imgGottlieb looks at the Lakers first year plan with LeBron; why all signs point to LeBron playing small five; and why fans don’t understand the realities of team building; his expectations for OKC now that Paul George is in the fold; and how Boogie Cousins will make the Warriors worse defensively. Advertisement Guests:center_img David Griffin – Former Cavs GM on LeBron moving to L.A., when he saw the first signs he might leave Cleveland, and how he thinks LeBron’s game will change with the Lakers.Joe Vardon – Cavs Beat Writer on life with LeBron LeBron/Kyrie beef; and Cleveland’s reaction to him leaving for L.A.Nicki Collen  – WNBA Head Coach of the Atlanta Dream on her path to coaching in the WNBA, and the differences between coaching in college and the pros; and if players should make more money.Make sure you download and subscribe to All Ball and The Herd Podcast Network on iTunes and iHeart, or however you choose to listen!last_img read more

  • One killed in Cancun police shootout during arrest

    first_imgThe intended arrest was for Juan Diego N.V. who police believe is responsible for the Tuesday deaths of two in SM 75 as well as a bar shooting in February that left five dead. In February, five people died inside La Kuka bar in Cancun when gunmen entered and began shooting. No arrests in that case were made until now. Photo: la Fiscalía General del Estado The shooing occurred between Cancun policías ministeriales and a woman when police arrived at a home in the La Joya subdivision to make an arrest. The home visit was part of their investigation into a recent shooting in SM 75 of Cancun that left two dead. Cancún, Q.R. — One person has been arrested after a shootout with Cancun police that left one dead. When police arrived at the Ja Joya home, two of its occupants fled with the woman firing at police. In the process, the young woman reported to be in her 20s, lost her life. center_img Oscar Montes de Oca acknowledged that Diego is a key player in the operation of the drug trafficking group and is allegedly involved in several executions. “He belonged to Los Pelones cartel and went to the Jalisco cartel for a new generation … they are jumping from one group to another. They are betraying each other which is why more confrontations arise between them,” he explained. Attorney General of the State, Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales reported that Juan Diego previously worked for the criminal group Los Pelones and is currently part of a cell of hit men from the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación. Police did not leave the area before arresting Juan Diego in SM 254 with support from Navy personnel. The forensic team arrived to remove the body. The accused will be held for the state attorney. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Twitters disdain for thirdparty clients gets real

    first_imgThere are a huge range of Twitter clients out there offering alternative ways to access Twitter. For many users, these provide a better experience. They provide a level of functionality that Twitter’s own suite of applications don’t. However, Twitter has revealed that this August it will be bringing in new restrictions and limitations on how these applications are built. Of course, for Twitter these restrictions aren’t restrictions as such; it’s actually a new developer API called ‘Account Activity API’. The reason for the change is that it will give Twitter more power and control over what developers build – it also allows them to monetize the developer API in a different way too. From blog.twitter.comThis is undoubtedly going to make applications like Twitterific significantly worse.  For Twitter, that might make some sense. It goes without saying that the platform would prefer users to use its own applications to access the service. But for developers and users of these applications, it might make life a little more difficult. What restrictions will third party Twitter clients face? Twitter will be changing the way developers of third party Twitter clients access Twitter. Back in April, Twitter explained the changes it planned to make to it’s developer API in a Twitter thread: Because of the delay, the date that this change will come into effect is now August 16 2018. Essentially, on that date Twitter will turn off a number of legacy services including Site Streams and User Streams. Developers will then have to migrate to the new Account Activity API. Learn more about migrating to Account Activity API here. What impact will Twitter’s change have? As already mentioned, this is going to have a big impact on the way developers build third party Twitter clients. The knock-on effect on users will be substantial. Essentially the ‘real-time’ experience of Twitter that you get in Twitter’s own applications will be missing. Users will have to refresh their Twitter feed; push notifications are unlikely to work, and Direct Messages may be hampered too, especially on mobile. A lot of people are very unhappy about the changes Twitter is making. On Twitter the response was incredibly negative: However, there was some support, or awareness for the change when it was announced… Of course, this is one step in Twitter trying to give itself a boost – the company has been struggling for some time. However, you do wonder how successful this change will be for Twitter. Although the premium Account Activity API costs around $11.60 a month, this is only open to applications with less than 250 users. Clearly, this isn’t going to be feasible for many of the leading Twitter clients with thousands of users. Read next: Facebook’s F8 Conference – 5 key announcements The Cambridge Analytica scandal and ethics in data science Sentiment Analysis of the 2017 US elections on Twitterlast_img read more

  • PEOPLE Uniglobe appoints Jamie McNair as President Eastern Canada

    first_imgTags: People, Uniglobe One Travel Share MISSISSAUGA — UNIGLOBE Travel (Eastern Canada) has announced the appointment of Jamie McNair as President of the UNIGLOBE Eastern Canada Region, effective May 1.McNair will be based in the Mississauga office and will lead the management team in business development and growth initiatives. Prior to his new role, he was the General Manager, Business Development and Sales, Canada at Sabre Corporation in Dallas.McNair can be reached, starting May 1, at (905) 671-4497 ext. 231 or [PEOPLE] Uniglobe appoints Jamie McNair as President, Eastern Canada Posted bycenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Travelweek Group Thursday, March 30, 2017 last_img read more

  • Six years after selling Purity Organic Greg Holzm

    first_img Six years after selling Purity Organic, Greg Holzman and Steve Akagaki have rejoined forces to create TerraFresh Organics (TFO), a new organic fruit company that will focus on supplying organic citrus, mangos, stone fruit and grapes to North America.TerraFresh Organics, in partnership with Harbinger Group, shares a commitment to organics with Misionero, Green Wave Farms and Vertical Foods.The company, which will source primarily from the U.S., Mexico, Ecuador and Peru, has established grower partnerships and plans a full roll-out of organic fruits under Misionero’s Earth Greens label.“We are excited to join with the Harbinger Group of companies,” said Greg Holzman, co-founder and managing partner of TerraFresh Organics.“The Harbinger Group’s working knowledge, grower network, distribution model and commitment to the organic space is unparalleled. The opportunity to work with Green Wave Farms, Vertical Farms and Misionero is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and I’ve never been more excited about our future.”As a veteran of the produce business, I believe the time’s right to reengage with organic farmers as the category continues to thrive.” July 09 , 2019 Leading fruit breeders form alliance to fight risi … Colombia: ICA confirms TR4 quarantine in effect on … California table grape crop forecast down on sprin … center_img Supplying fresh, organic fruit has remained a passion for Holzman and Akagaki since they began working together over 30 years ago. In 1985, Holzman invested in an apple orchard, and within two years, successfully converted it into an organic farm. Shortly after, Holzman recruited Akagaki for his vast experience in the produce industry and Purity Organic/Pacific Organic Produce was born.The two set out to not only support organic farmers, but also to seek conventional growers whose farms could be converted into organic farms. Holzman and Akagaki strategize to fill windows in the market to supply organic fruit year-round.“We are thrilled to be reviving past partnerships and developing new, strategic relationships with growers and farmers,” said Steve Akagaki, co-founder and managing partner of TerraFresh Organics.“The partnership with the Harbinger Group brings us technology and other resources that are crucial to being a top-tiered supplier. It allows us the ability to service our customers and build programs that meet the growing expectations of today’s consumer,” he said.”The world has gotten smaller, the choices greater and the competition has become fiercer. I believe TerraFresh Organics is well-positioned to be a leader in the organic category.”Greg Holzman and Jason Laffer, the newest additions to the TerraFresh Organics family, will be attending the Organic Produce Summit this week. The representatives will be at the Misionero booth #819. You might also be interested in Australia forges custard apples’ future, tests pro … last_img read more

  • Car chips to fight illegal fuel trade in the north

    first_imgThe Turkish Cypriot authorities plan to chip cars and fuel vendors in a bid to put an end to unregistered vehicles and illegal fuel trade.‘Deputy prime minister and minister of finance’ Serdar Denktash told daily Kibris on Wednesday that the new system aimed at putting an end to unregistered cars and abolishing the illegal fuel trade.Denktash said once the law passed, they would open a tender for the chips and the software. He expected implementation by the end of 2017.With the new system, drivers will no longer have to wait in line to pay their road tax. Instead, the tax will be included in the price of petrol, meaning the more one drives, the more tax they will pay.Denktash also said with the new system, imported fuel will be tracked until it went into the vehicle, putting an end to illegal sale of fuel in the north.“We are not thinking of increasing the price of fuel by more than one per cent, despite the fact that the draft foresees an increase between one and eight per cent,” Denktash said.He added that the price of fuel will be raised to pay the cost of the chips that will be inserted into the fuel tanks and equipment that will be installed at petrol stations.“Once the chipped car enters the petrol station and approaches the pump, data will automatically be uploaded to the system. It will then be known whether the car had undergone inspection and insurance had been paid.”He said only those who paid for their inspections and insurance will be sold fuel and added “if they want to get more expensive fuel, they can go and buy it from the south.”A litre of petrol costs around €0.90 in the north. The owner of an average passenger vehicle pays around €100 a year in road tax.The new system will warn drivers that the renewal date of their insurance and vehicle inspection are approaching by sending text messages to their mobile phones.Denktash said owners who do not fulfil their requirements will not be given any fuel.In the meantime, Turkey is considering bringing in the same system as a security measure as it will allow cars that might be used in terrorist attacks to be tracked online.You May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoAll Pro SaverClever Homeowners With Existing Mortgages In California Are Doing ThisAll Pro SaverUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

  • Government accuses Papadopoulos camp of spreading fake news Updated

    first_imgA remark by presidential candidate Nicolas Papadopoulos on the campaign trail, according to which the Turkish Cypriot leader would appoint the Greek Cypriot members of parliament after a solution to the Cyprus problem, was exposed as false on Wednesday following the release of a document supposed to corroborate the claim.Speaking on Sunday at a campaign gathering in Chirokitia, Papadopoulos had argued that President Nicos Anastasiades made so many concessions that, if a solution were agreed, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci would “even get to appoint the Greek Cypriot MPs and Senators”.Instant outrage prompted a clarification on Monday, and it turned out that he had been referring to the transition-period appointments to the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of a reunified Cyprus to be made until elections can be held.The war soon spread to social media, with Green party vice-chairwoman Efi Xanthou backing Papadopoulos’ claim on Twitter, citing a classified document she refused to make public.“I have looked at the document and can confirm,” she tweeted.“[Anastasiades] proposes that the two leaders jointly approve the officials of all institutions. Executive, Legislative, Judicial. I can’t release the document but call on [government spokesman Nicos] Christodoulides to deny.”Deputy government spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos was soon to attack Xanthou, accusing her of lying and misinforming the public, before making his response the government’s official line in a statement.“Following the last session of the National Council members were given a document with the convergences and divergences as recorded on March 15, 2017,” the deputy spokesman said.“In this document, under ‘Major Divergences’ it is written in blue letters, as the proposal of the Greek Cypriot side, that each leader will be ultimately responsible for the appointment of the transitional officials from his own community.”What Papadopoulos and Xanthou had been referring to, he added, was the Turkish Cypriot side’s proposed arrangement, documented in red.Speaking to reporters following a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, deputy spokesman Papadopoulos said it was sad that “some cannot rise to the occasion ahead of the presidential election”.“Not only do they misinform, not only do they display populism, but by lying they are causing huge problems to our national affair,” he said.“At some point, the election will be over. We will have a new government, a new president, and will have to manage the Cyprus problem. It is a very serious affair for the survival of Cypriot Hellenism, and so some should be much more careful, and they should read up.”Papadopoulos expressed hope that the whole incident was “unfortunate”, meaning the Nicolas Papadopoulos campaign had misinterpreted the text it read, because “if it was intentional then things are much worse”.On Wednesday, the Papadopoulos campaign tried to water down the claim that Akinci will have the power to approve – or veto – Greek Cypriots’ transitional appointments to government posts, releasing a letter from the president’s office dated October 7, 2016, and arguing that the agreed provisions of the solution “violate the principles of democracy at the most crucial, initial phase of its implementation”.Attached to the letter was a document of proposals by the Greek Cypriot side, entitled ‘Entry Into Force’ and dated November 9, 2015, which supposedly contained the evidence incriminating Anastasiades.“The leaders of the two communities, as signatories of the Settlement Agreement, will be entrusted with the overall responsibility to put in place initial holders for all positions in all institutions, bodies and officials prescribed by the Constitution,” the document of proposals said.“Hence, the two leaders will immediately proceed, also in consultation with the political forces and other stakeholders, to fill all offices and position in all institutions of all branches of power (executive, legislative, judicial). […] The discretionary power of the two leaders will mainly concern the choice of the persons and the political officials to be part of the initial composition of bodies and institutions.”In his statement, deputy government spokesman Papadopoulos had also referred to this document.“The proposals submitted by the Greek Cypriot side are described comprehensively and clearly in the document entitled ‘Entry Into Force’,” he said.“In this document, the Greek Cypriot side’s explicit proposal is that appointments will be made not only by each side’s leader but also following consultation with political parties. Therefore, what the Nicolas Papadopoulos campaign is claiming have no bearing on reality.” You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. 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