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  • Study and comprehend the four levels of nternet

    has been in touch with the Internet for 11 years. Understanding the Internet is not just a tool that is closely related to work, life and study. It has become an integral part of the whole society’s living environment. Living in it will feel that if one day the network suddenly interrupted, it will cause great losses to individuals, the public, and even society. Therefore, we should not only take a positive attitude towards the development of the Internet, but also devote more enthusiasm and wisdom to the maintenance, management and order of the internet. read more

  • Make a simple use of hospital brand promotion

    before that, there are also many articles about hospital brand promotion. I’m not as talented as they are. Just share my hospital brand promotion in recent months. I am now doing promotion at a hospital in Zhengzhou, at the beginning of this time is what are not, just know some knowledge about SEO, and then through the predecessors learning how already know some promotion methods, nothing more than the several, I am not here much, have been chewing no longer. First of all, I’d like to make a statement. These are just some of my own experiences. Friends I don’t like can make a detour. Next, I’ll tell you how to do it: read more

  • What is the name of the hotel and what is the note

    even if a lot of people know the name of the hotel, but wait until the real name to the shop, but do not know how to carry out the work. In fact, the name of the shop is also a way to master. So, what is the name of the hotel and note? Let Xiaobian for you to see.

    , a Chinese are familiar with eight schools Chinese, that is Anhui Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, shandong. However, the most familiar is the Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong four cuisine, you can according to your cuisine to hotel name. read more

  • How to decorate the beauty salon

    in recent years, the development of the beauty industry is very fast, continue to attract the attention of consumers, but also to bring business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some people want to open their own beauty salon, in order to quickly enter the market, not only to provide customers with quality services, but also very important store decoration, then how to decorate the beauty salon?

    The appearance of

    beauty shop, the design of the signboard pattern, the flower decoration and so on can make the beauty salon receive the attention of the customer. Therefore, effectively grasp the move to attract customers in the layout of the appropriate integration, will be able to produce unexpected results. read more

  • This year the first emission rights transaction completed 30 million yuan turnover

    In March 30th, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau in the provincial administrative services and public resources trading center successfully held in our province in 2015 the first emission bids fair, 15 companies participated in the bidding transactions, a total turnover of 4517 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions indicators, indicators of sulfur dioxide emissions 788 tons, a total turnover of 32 million 239 thousand yuan.

    , continue to further promote the compensation for the use and emission rights trading pilot work, is to implement the national and provincial government on the reform of system of ecological civilization is one of the innovative work. Provincial government attaches great importance to the main pollutant emissions trading pilot work included in the "overall" system of ecological civilization construction in Qinghai Province, as a key content in our province to implement the comprehensive deepening reform and vigorously promote. In order to better play the role of total pollutant control system, establish the values of environmental resources, the limited capacity of the resource value, the use of paid "in the whole society, to further promote the industrial structure adjustment, reduce the environmental costs of the whole society, realize the coordinated development of regional economy and society, our province to explore actively and steadily push forward the sewage the right to compensation for the use and trading pilot work, the success of the four bidding Fair has aroused strong repercussions in the community, but also for the Qinghai Tibet plateau ecological fragile areas, underdeveloped areas, ethnic minority areas, the western poverty-stricken areas of environmental protection, pollutant control work carried out beneficial exploration and practice.   read more

  • Xining to eight civilization construction work to create a city

  • A family Chuangwei city in Xining Province Women’s Federation held health initiatives

    8 30, the ancient city of Xining Hui Hakka supermarket door, bustling, jointly organized by the province, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation "millions of families together to build a harmonious new Xining Chuangwei" initiative has attracted a large number of people.

    women as an important member of the family, is an important force to promote the creation of national health city. Over the past two months, the provincial women’s federations at all levels through the development of talent competitions, hand show, quiz, theatrical performances and other activities in the city of Xining, women of all nationalities to create universal knowledge of national health city. At the same time, the city’s 3771 women volunteers carefully organized and harmonious family demonstration households, green home demonstration households into the community and family, to carry out various forms of propaganda and consultation activities, guiding the public to establish a healthy and civilized lifestyle, thrift. To enable the majority of families to take action to participate in the creation of national health city action. read more

  • Curtain fabric business should be how to highlight the characteristics of the store

    curtain fabric business should be how to highlight the characteristics of the store? This is a lot of curtain cloth business to do the investors should pay attention to, in fact, do business to master the right methods and skills, to be able to quickly win in the market.

    now people’s consumption in the curtain cloth on the increase year by year, their demand for the quality of the curtain cloth is very high. Curtain fabric chain project investment prospects are very promising, if you can work with a protective curtain fabric company set up shop, you can find a way to get rich get considerable profits. read more

  • Senior students recruit peers do subordinates

    colleges and universities have been taught to appeal to students to have a correct understanding of the concept of employment, college graduates are no longer rigidly adhere to a big company, willing to work in an entrepreneurial company more and more young people.

    read more

  • Tianjin innovation special help students calculating warm family

    in our lives, there are some people face to face the gray haired black haired people, in their old age, because there is no dependence on their children, life can not get better protection. In response to this phenomenon, Tianjin Hedong District Zhongshan Gate street through innovative warm heart work methods, the establishment of psychological assistance projects, rich family planning special Fu family life. From the psychological point of view, to help families out of the plight of the plight, so that they are in the community, the organization’s support to help share the fruits of social development. read more

  • Wedding business opportunities to usher in the development of romantic cartoon

    people in the wedding, is always very generous, what products are willing to buy, especially those with commemorative cartoon products. Therefore, many businesses are aimed at this market, creating a romantic cartoon business, made a big leap in life!

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  • Xinjiang create a customer to create a local community leader Kirin

    The arrival of

    era "13th Five-Year" construction, all the new development plans, Xinjiang area to encourage local youth with entrepreneurial employment, and preferential policies to attract guests from Xinjiang back to business, for the construction of the beautiful Xinjiang, circle the motherland and contribute to the dream.

    "whimsical to reckless life, can make a difference." I like this sentence, as an entrepreneur, first of all to give yourself a dream." Kirin’s dream is to change the life of science and technology innovation. read more

  • Fast food restaurant business strategy

    fast food restaurant is very popular, become the money making tool for investors. Batch after batch of investors competing to join the fast food restaurant, the market competition has become more intense. For investors, in order to have a foothold in the field of fast food, you have to master the skills to do fast food shop. Here to share the four points for the majority of fast food entrepreneurs reference.

    1, taste is very important.

    to control to taste food taboo. Ade bear China is closed because the U.S. headquarters to stop the supply of signboards. The snow capped mountains and their root beer, no development capacity and collapse. Do catering, taste it must have been, even if they do not, but must be at least Diao, find a good ability to cook. Want to do a good job to think about their own food can not control the taste, at least not to be said to be delicious. read more

  • 1000 dollars to invest in the most profitable projects

          101000 dollars to invest in the most profitable items? Lack of cost, is each want to start a business? I believe this is a small contemporary entrepreneurs encountered the biggest problem. In response to this situation, we will take the wisdom of the house to join the project as an example to analyze, I hope to provide a reference for the majority of entrepreneurs.

    read more

  • Jugged Wagang boiling only characteristics delicacy snacks

    jugged boiling Wagang snacks to meet modern consumer health needs, so in the market by the consumer’s attention, if you want to become our franchisees, can first try to understand the product superiority, completes the inspection work, Xiaobian take you to see, not to be missed.

    Wagang snacks to join traditional stewing process, nutritious and delicious, rich road of entrepreneurial wealth. Jugged boiling Wagang snacks of low risk and high reward. Jugged boiling has nearly ten retail stores, five years of successful operation experience, five hundred stores win-win, rich experience and scientific management to minimize the franchisee investment risk, backed by a good shade mountain, to become the headquarters to join the most reliable and most trusted partners rely on. Many franchisees have done three months back, smooth operation, easy profit. read more

  • Operating underwear stores have to master the professional knowledge of products

    business can not be empty talk, but the lack of professional knowledge can also affect the profit. Customers in the gradual improvement of the quality requirements of underwear, operating a lingerie store, you must master the relevant knowledge.

    first, in underwear franchise sales, we often encounter such situations: most underwear joining products without full contact with customers, and customers have not even met, is the sales staff subjective and not that bad sales promotion, or withdraw, or put into the warehouse. This will not only seriously affect the store’s sales performance, but also in the store to form a vicious cycle of goods management, increase unnecessary inventory pressure. read more

  • From the Graigslist platform and network of classified information website

    bustling about, 1st line, line two, line ten, Beijing subway to work every day most crowded, life is crowded and busy, stop on the road where the bus and subway station. Perhaps this is what I want to say that the classification of information website – the origin of the name of the site network bar.

    platform network should be the originator of China classified information in the field, this is a website developed by word of mouth, the pace of development of its peak when only a few happy net website can match. The platform also became synonymous with classified information, of course, also cultivate the concept and understanding of the domestic users of classified information website, and later appeared in the market, 58, reputation, Kijiji a lot of classified information website, but later researchers did not have a reputation at that time reached high level network platform. read more

  • Eleven Ali turnover 57 billion 100 million yuan where the customer has been down

    [Abstract] in the background of the double eleven carnival, the biggest challenge for the platform providers is the ability of the server.

    Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on November 12th

    with 24 o’clock last night, the bell rang, the "double eleven" electricity supplier shopping Carnival officially closed, Ali in a single day turnover of $57 billion 100 million, after the listing of the first two copies of the report card eleven.

    in Ali’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Ma Yun (micro-blog) and is known as the man behind the – Alibaba group vice chairman Cai Chongxin also appeared in front of the media. Ali double eleven platform effect has even penetrated into the upper reaches of the manufacturing sector, according to the different needs of consumers, customized services. read more

  • Two years of China Telecom love WiFi rely on to make money

    for the development of WiFi operators have different views, especially after China Mobile cliff WiFi development, many people are skeptical of WiFi. People can not help but ask, with 4G, operators still need to do it WiFi operators can be profitable WiFi love WiFi launch, indicating the attitude of China Telecom. In the era of Internet plus China Telecom, hope that through innovation, to create a different WiFi.

    attitude: WiFi positioning value management, and 4G differentiation

    why China Telecom in the 4G era to develop WiFi I think there are three reasons: read more

  • Chinese people moved to pick up 46 sites set off a new wave of Spring Festival Network

    Henan Boai laid-off worker Wang Qiuxia (left) cut the liver to save the elder sister

    net Changsha February 11th news (reporter Yu Xiangyang) Xiao Dan, 41849 votes; 41638 votes; Meng Xiangbin, Xu Yunling, 29804 votes…… Click on the "Xiao Dan" light music in the ears immediately filled the page, instantly open, Xiao Dan for the NetEase, Xiao Dan audio users pay New Year’s call wish, news event replay content increases — this is the NetEase for "moving Chinese people" by the opening of the project ( read more