Xining construction of the rule of law cited concern

for thirteenth 12· 4 "National Legal Publicity Day propaganda work to see the effectiveness of the judicial system, focus on promoting the rule of law, and building a great China dream" theme, in November 16th opened the prelude to the rule of law in Xining carried out the construction of learning publicity, promotional activities are […]

West District of Xining city for the West export makeup

October, the ancient city of Xining after several rain baptism, chill. But the West District Xining city west exit area is be in full swing, digging pits, handling trees, trees, soil and water…… More than 70 workers will be sweating, a tree on both sides of the road. It is understood that the west exit […]

Xining police combination to combat and prevent crime

2014 Xining police will comply with the new trend of policing, to take a variety of measures to crack down and prevent all kinds of criminal activities. Xining police official said, in 2014 at the meeting, the development trend of Xining City Public Security Bureau will take the initiative to adapt to the new police, […]

Xining Red Cross youth work started

"and implement the spirit of eighteen, caring left-behind children, build fraternity xiadou" and Xining City Red Cross youth work ceremony, held in the central square in the afternoon of November 23rd, as in young advocate cherish life, care and help others, Thanksgiving return society concept, guide the majority of city youth to vigorously promote the […]

Project construction at top speed Huimin project a quarter of the province to promote the transporta

in the first quarter of this year, the province’s transport sector in order to be a good development of the first officer as its mission, in steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood and other aspects of hard work, transportation work started well. Data show that a quarter of the total completion of highway and […]

Xining North Haoxiliantai more than and 130 Plaza activities you

the evening of June 26th, north of the city of Xining Chaoyang Square, abustle and astir applause, more than ten opera from the area of the team and brought opera performers, including Peking Opera, Shaanxi opera, opera and other exciting performances. In order to meet the arrival of the tourist season, the North District Cultural […]

Promote the rapid development of Qinghai airlines and economic and social Wang Guosheng met with the

8 11, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met in Xining, chairman of the Western Airport Group Co., Ltd., party secretary and his party, the two sides to speed up the development of aviation industry in Qinghai in-depth exchange of views on the. West Airport Group is China’s second provinces area of operation of large-scale […]

Xining city this year will be 111 villages hardening road 530 km

reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau, this year, the municipal government, under the arrangement, the city will be 111 institutional village hardening road 530 km. in accordance with the requirements of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the city will be 111 administrative villages unified into the overall program of the province’s military enterprises […]

Xining to promote police vehicles and vehicles involved in violation of special governance issues

Xining City Public Security Bureau to further promote the police vehicles and vehicles involved in violations of special treatment, so that the four do not let go". Aiming at the outstanding problem of the self correction stage, Xining city public security organs and the police vehicle involved violations of special governance leadership team asked the […]