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  • Watercress had to slow 9 years is feelings or encounter bottlenecks

    introduction: March 2005, watercress online line. Now, watercress is closer to its tenth year. This has been accepted as a typical UGC (user generated content) in the mobile business community, the outbreak of the bear questioned: whether it is the initiation of the industry go too slow, its business model is a problem ? maybe […]

    Web design novice, with the master is critical

    as the saying goes, "the master takes the door and practices the individual."". This sentence is used to educate their countless older junior. However, although the practice depends on individuals, but when the master takes the door, he also needs a good master. when we are still in the rookie period, when we are ignorant […]

    Micro-blog vertical search to improve the search with complementary sticky luster

    recently, Google announced its withdrawal from China, Baidu’s market share further improved, and other search engines to carve up the market situation has become an indisputable fact. On the one hand, there is huge market potential; on the other hand, homogeneous search environment is difficult to reflect the advantages of vertical industry. Vertical industry users […]

    Tracking, optimizing user access footprint, reflecting the trust of the site

    user experience design has been on the importance of website security, user trust, but for the webmaster, beware of users access to the site is reflected on the page of a virus attack or contact details is a sense of security and trust? The author visits the site from a user’s point of view, and […]

    New station five hours by Google included method

    my website is the station: Everything cares about The domain name is the application. The day before yesterday morning open station, collected some articles and pictures, because personal websites do not allow video, then I will make a framework of it, as with the network, so there is no copyright disputes! After a busy […]

    Remember Baidu K station event affected webmaster solve the problem is kingly way

    introduction: the first paragraph should call recently circle the most lively is when the Baidu continuous K station thing, make every webmaster and raise a Babel of criticism of the SEO, Q group biography by K station collective click Baidu for advertising, want to force Baidu for customer temporary cancellation bidding, bidding pressure applied to […]

    New railway exchange links often made mistakes

    links are important to website rankings, so many people like to exchange. Here is the webmaster exchange connection misunderstanding. My new Duke in exchange connection will encounter the following problems. This is mainly for new sites. in general, the new station exchange connection can be summarized as 4 words: "better than ." 1.PR problem. […]

    Reason to stand, my website insists

    since that website can make money, almost every day the first thing is often to see. Each reading feeling excited. I benefited. The situation is almost the same as "and staff from an outsider to earn 300 days of hard journey" of the owners. This way you go over. Also learned a lot of […]

    Sometimes the individual stationmaster jianhaojiushou

    06 years time, just contact to do stand, at that time what all don’t understand, take someone else’s procedure, open a collector a crazy mining, a looks quite formal stand out, of course, the results can be imagined. Then continued to do a few stations are doing to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. […]

    Some suggestions on website network marketing

    often when we develop a new potential customers, to visit the many tracking of potential customers, but the problem is, if not all day to call the customer, the customer can be very offensive, but if after a relatively long time to visit clients, customers often forgot we, therefore, how to seize the opportunity of […]